Friday, April 18, 2014

Cardinal Cross Confession

As I do my best to help and work with clients, family and friends on how the current Astrological weather is manifesting for them, I am naturally also dealing with this Cardinal Cross energy in my own chart and it's pulling focus into all four major corners of my life. From my personal drive & identity, relationships & marriage, home & family, to work direction & career purpose; it all seems to be in transition to various degrees. Astrologers may be on the tip of what is happening in the skies, but we are certainly not immune from experiencing it.  

{For Astrology knowledge buffs who want the details} Specifically, it's on my Cancer/Capricorn Ascendant/Descendant axis, which is 1st house of identity and opposite 7th house of relationships. Libra is intercepted in my 4th house of home/family opposite Aries intercepted in my 10th of career/life purpose. This is how the Grand Cross lands for me, not to mention some other aspects this fun configuration is making to my chart. It's quite a doozy of a transit for everyone, and I am simply no exception.

I am doing my best to work with it very consciously, however, I have my extreme moments of deep struggle too.  The way that this manifests for me is a continual vacillation and balancing between feeling I am confidently and constructively handling the daily challenges to grow, change, evolve and succeed and then feeling completely frustrated, confused and overwhelmed. It literally can change in an instant. I also find that the position and sign the moon is in can influence the days profoundly. 

Another part of my continuing vacillation is going back and forth in discovering what is truly my issue and what is coming from or being influenced by another? What is my crap and what is theirs essentially. I feel I am being forced to redefine my line between partner/friend/family and client/colleague/career. This line has perhaps become blurred for me, so I must consciously remember who is who and how I behave with each. If you are a counselor, healer or light worker of any kind I'm sure you go through this as well. When your desire to help is so strong and the knowing that we are each on our own journey and you simply cannot help everyone is also understood, you feel helpless and stuck sometimes. And as an Astrologer, it really sucks when even with the knowledge of what's happening in your own chart, you're so close to it, you don't know how to help yourself! This is when you call on another Astrologer for some objective insight.

And speaking of stuck, I had a new thought about this Cardinal Cross last night. With four squares or  90 degree right angles, it creates a box right? Anyone feeling a bit boxed in or stuck at a complete impasse? I do. And cardinal energy is about action and movement, so this in NOT comfortable at all. I know I have already been feeling quite unsettled, so who knows how the peak and waning of this Astrological event will feel. 

I think the biggest challenge for all of us is the uncertainly and fears that come with trying to grow and change while having faith in ourselves and the journey without always, if ever, getting any confirmation, in the way we might want, to support that we're even on the right path. 

My friend text me one day and asked what was going on because she was ready to blow up and when I reminder her and told her to hang in there, she was less than helped by my advice. Her response was exactly, "whatever"...because she's been hearing it from me for so long.

And we have all been dealing with the intensity of recent powerful Astrological energies for so long it felt like a very appropriate response. So when I said, "then why did you ask?" and she said "I don't know", I replied with this; "it's because you know and believe that there are things always working around us that cannot be seen or often fully understood in the moment, but only felt...for better or for worse. Glass half empty or glass half full, you choose." And even after that I got, "blah, blah, blah.." 

I had to laugh because I myself was having a day when I felt like I could also explode and I was talking myself through each negative thought that came in and trying to redirect it more clearly to avoid unnecessary conflict in my own world.

So I get it! Awareness may be key in living consciously and instrumental in moving through life at a higher vibration to creating more confidence, joy, success and love....but it is NOT easy, continuous or even fun. And we often fail. And how could we not, we are after all human. And I have certainly failed more times than I have succeeded at anything in my life. But that's okay, because I have always learned something from it and that is always my ultimate goal. So I realize staying 'conscious, aware and awake' takes commitment, dedication and continuous effort. Huh? Oh, wait a minute, doesn't that sound like the ingredients you would need to make any good life or personal dream a reality? Something to think about.

But even with the knowing of how difficult any conscious approach can be and my own experiences of pain and challenge, I still can't shake my desire to do it.

Whether it's Astrology, Angels, God, Tarot, Spirit Guides or whatever other mystical means of support I choose, I see them all as priceless tools for assistance in everything; from getting through the daily grind, to understanding my own triggers, connecting with my own power and creating a life of love and abundance. But more importantly, I think it reminds me continuously just how small and insignificant I am while at the same time reminding me that I am a part of something much bigger than this life I am currently living. So I do my best to trust in the divine design of what's beyond my own vision, reality, awareness or full understanding and work to contribute positively and live up to my highest potential in this life. That means also honoring the moments when I am struggling to find the answers and am full of doubt. Nevertheless, because I have also gained priceless understanding and experienced as many blessings as I have troubles, my faith in the Beyond continues.  

Whatever we all choose to do to get through this life, the bottom line is you DO have a choice what tools you use or to choose to use any at all. And with all the different schools of thought, religious or spiritual beliefs, mystical mantras and other philosophies and occult wisdom's out there to choose from to support your journey, they all have one thing in common. Believing with-OUT seeing or knowing for sure and inspiring us to find what we need with-IN. Yes, this is the trick right? This is the Duality!

So as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse wanes and the Cardinal Cross pushes in, as much as I feel the pressure building, I actually still feel pretty good. I see the challenges in my life clearly and I realize I am the only one holding myself back. I have been asking the 'big questions' for quite a few years now and I must remind myself that once you embark on this path of asking, you can never really stop. And it takes commitment and endurance to always want to discover and achieve more.

This Cardinal Cross is a cross to bear, but it is also simply another powerful opportunity for us to grow collectively and individually. I hope we can all rise to the occasion! 

For you well Being!

If you'd care to share your stories about how the current Astrological weather is affecting you, I'd love to hear. However, if not, I understand that this is also a very personal journey for each of us and I wish you the very best in your journey.

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Thanks for reading and letting me share.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

3 Tips for Managing a Total Lunar Eclipse

During a Full Moon the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite, which naturally calls into focus the 'Other' and therefore relationships of all kinds. And although this affects all of us, if you were born during a Full Moon you are more predominantly concerned with the nature of relationships in general, and relationship circumstances may shift specifically around these times.

A Total Lunar Eclipse is a far more potent Full Moon. Literally, it's when the Full Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth meaning the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. This change in 'view' for us, from our position on Earth, can in affect create a change in the interpretation of our relationships and therefore cause crisis, change or major shifts within them. 

So here are a few tips that can serve you during all Full Moon phases, and even more so during a Total Lunar Eclipse.

1. Let Spirit Reveal the Solutions - If there are major concerns around a particular relationship and you are uncertain about what course to take; seek solitude, quiet time or meditation to allow your deeper desires and truths to be revealed before taking action. It's a great time to ask God, your Angels or inner guides for signs, signals and support.

2. Let Love Lead the Way - If you do know clearly what must be changed or be done within a relationship and you feel compelled now to do it, lead with love and recognize first the magnitude of the decision and the full consequences of your actions before you make a move that could deeply hurt you or another. Endings are necessary to allow for new beginnings, but causing undo pain or suffering doesn't have to be part of the process.

3. Extra Rest is Best - If all else fails, sleep through it. Extra rest is always a healthy choice, however, a Full Moon can cause an emotional overwhelm in which clarity becomes impossible to reach. So especially at this time it can soothe, recharge and rejuvenate the heart and Soul. Also, much can be revealed through dreams during this time. So while resting pay close attention to what comes up and take note for later.

April 15th there is a Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra, opposite the Sun in Aries. These are the signs that rule Self and Other, so this puts even more emphasis on relationships! With the Sun in Aries we are really wanting to take action in our lives that will give us the freedom to play, to express who we truly are and to do what we want. The Full Moon and Mars retrograde both in Libra will be pulling the reins tight and forcing us to take others and the circumstances fully into account before making any big moves. This can be a good thing. It may even save us from ourselves.

And since this Total Lunar Eclipse occurs right in the face of the Cardinal Grand Cross configuration of Uranus/Mars opposition squaring off the Pluto/Jupiter opposition, it will likely bring you to a crossroads, turning point or crisis moment of some kind. However, this doesn't always have to manifest badly or be the proverbial ending of all endings. It could also bring your biggest wishes fulfilled or your deepest dreams come may just take making some major decision or choice to have it.

Remember, as co-creators of our lives we often attract chaos and conflict because we innately desire change and progress and don't know how else to achieve it. So even if it seems bad at first, it's really all good! Hang in there, be patient, be kind, act fairly and stay tried and true to You! 

For your well Being! 

I hope this insight can help you navigate the coming Lunar Eclipse energies and beyond. And remember you can follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support.  And sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight in your inbox each month. 


Monday, March 24, 2014

Battle for Balance

Life is a continuous crusade in finding, creating, and maintaining balance. And wherever there has been any major offset or loss of this, [since last December 8th when Mars, the planet of aggressive action and ambition, moved into its opposite sign of peace, harmony and balance, Libra], the battle has been waged to get there again. And on March 1st Mars went retrograde turning the drive inward. This has taken us each into battle with ourselves as we fight to recommit and reconstruct our relationships and dealings with others to regain authentic connection and personal success. 

And with its role in the cardinal cross configuration, which comes to a head in April, the energy is becoming even more amped up. So whether it's balancing the needs at home with career goals or creative freedom with partnered passions, it's clear that many, if not all, are feeling the push pull between freedom and security during these intense times. 

I am a stay at home mom and I truly love being with my son all day. My husband is super supportive and there is no push for me to do anything more than all that I already do for our home and family. And there are many days when I wish that was enough for me too. However, I cannot deny my inner spirit that propels me to want to live more fully and completely. For me that means to be able to continue my passion to inspire, assist, guide and teach others to live more fully and consciously using the priceless tool of Astrology. And the only way I can truly do that is to be able to do it for myself too. Both take more time, energy and resources than I currently have available, yet I continue to battle every day for my balance. And I do it because I know from my work, experience and inner Self-knowing that if I do nothing for myself, I can't do my best for the ones I love. Oh, I can walk through the duties of doing what I must do, handle the responsibilities of my obligations and I can even find great joy in those things as I live in gratitude of my very blessed life. But deeper spirit and higher 'Self' calls. 

Now even with the awareness of the current transits and how they are affecting me directly, the manifestation of this battle isn't easy or fun, in fact, it comes with many moments of huge frustration, anger, self-doubt and tears and unfortunately it's my loved ones who feel the brunt of it. Lucky them, right? Thank goodness they are so forgiving and supportive. 

Those of you with planets in cardinal signs, (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), should very well be able to relate on some level. And since it's highly likely that everyone has some degree of aspect to at least one of these signs, no one is really being left out of these planetary war games.  The Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn over the past two years is likely to be responsible for this slow and growing frustration with the status quo. The Grand Cardinal Cross on April 21st will also bring the 5th of 7 of these squares. Yes! Yikes! And with the other half of this configuration of Jupiter in Cancer squaring the Mars retrograde in Libra and opposing Pluto in Capricorn, I am both excited for the calls of change and also anxious about how these new developments will all play out. 

Living Astrology has its benefits and it's liabilities, naturally. I can get validation of the path I am on, I can look forward to see what's coming so I can prepare for the challenges of growth like these, but there is no escaping actually doing the work and going through the motions of the transformation if I am to actually live the life I desire and practice what I preach. No pain, no gain! And, honestly, I would rather have the fore warning and the validation that I am at least fighting the right fight than to blindly feel my way through it all. 

So if you are entrenched in your own personal battle for balance too, I hope you can take some solace in knowing that you are not alone and that the advantage of Astrology awareness is that it can be a huge Ali when you are forced to fight and a trusted friend who will tell you when quietly retreating is the best course of action for survival. 

Mars will go direct on May 19th turning our battle outward again and move out of Libra into Scorpio on July 25th. Work consciously now to define your balance within so that you can be assertive and loving as you implement it. Take good care and remember that we are all going through it, so don't beat yourself up too badly and be gentle with others. See you on the other side! 

Please feel free to share your stories or thoughts on this intense and changing time. Support, comfort and encouragement are always great tools for positive motivation! And I am here if you wish to look deeper into your personal chart for how to navigate through April and beyond!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Three Tips for Managing a Saturn Retrograde

This Sunday, March 2nd, the task-master planet in the intense water sign of Scorpio goes retrograde for the next 4 months. Ouch, I know, that seems like forever. But it's not really. And it's actually a great time to do the inner work necessary to shift the second half of the year into the direction of your real purpose and career. 

Let's break that down!

1. Re-Commit your Self. -Saturn is the planet of growth, maturity, loyalty, endurance and personal authority. It challenges us to strive for these things by also ruling lessons, fears and limitations. So this is a great time to reassess your level of commitment to the direction, work and purpose of your life. Are you working hard and confidently toward the things that mean the most to you? Are you restricting yourself or allowing others or circumstances to limit your potential or options? 

2. Re-Define your Terms. - Saturn also represents the rules, regulations, responsibilities and 'how to's' of life. This is a great time to redefine your terms. If the way things have currently been set up are not functioning well, honoring who you really are and what your worth or keeping you from presenting the world with the best you have to offer, maybe it's time for a change. Are you setting the bar too low or your expectations too high? 

3. Re-Direct your Path. - Saturn rules the area of career status, financial success and life path. This is an opportunity to discover and assess if you are traveling the right road, fulfilling your true life's purpose and accomplishing your life's work and goals. Are you building abundance through your ambitions? Are you working to live or living to work? Do you do what you love or just do what you have to do to survive? 

That's the general insight for any Saturn Retrograde. Now let's put it into more specific context by looking at this coming Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio March 2nd - July 20th.

This Saturn Retrograde is in Scorpio which is the all penetrating, powerful, commanding and controlling energy that rules major transformation, death and rebirth. Saturn retrograde in Scorpio forces us to uncover the truth of who we are and demands that we face our truth and fears so we can learn, mature and evolve into the best possible versions of ourselves. Scorpio is intense water and Saturn is ruled by Capricorn which is solid Earth. So this process can be emotional, dark, painful, overwhelming, and extremely liberating when mastered. Death is a natural part of life and something must always die for something new to grow. This time can provide the insight and strength to investigate what that might be in order to take your life and career to the next level.

Another element that supports this process now is that Pluto the planet ruled by Scorpio is in Saturn's natural sign Capricorn. This is called Mutual Reception and represents exactly what you might guess... working together! These energies working together push us toward the absolute necessary maturing, growing up, and getting real that can place us on our ultimate destined path…individually and as a global community. This is about having the strength to take a hard look at the true motivations behind our behavior in getting what we think we want. What we are bringing to this world and what is our true intention in bringing it? It's time to get real and work more purely. 

Basically this energy being drawn inward can manifest as Extreme Restructure in two possible ways;
1. Total deconstruction or restructuring induced by a major crisis or dramatic out play of events.
2. Total deconstruction or restructuring through inner strength of character and willingness to surrender to the powerful tides of change with consciousness. 

Either way things go down, it is quite difficult when we are forced to see and deal with tough situations in life we don't want to see or deal with. It can bring out the best and the worst in humanity. So whether it's time to demand what you're worth or have earned, pay the piper or time to reconcile your own reality within; realizing your personal power and how to best direct it consciously, and for the highest good, will be the best way to endure this time.

Commit to doing whatever it takes to build the life that aligns with your deepest truth! For your well Being! 

I hope this insight can help you navigate these current energies now and beyond with consciousness and success. And remember you can follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support. And sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight delivered to your inbox each month.  

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comment below! I want to hear how these Astrological times are impacting you and how I can best serve you in the future. 


Friday, February 21, 2014

Three Tips for Managing a Mars Retrograde!

Mars retrograde begins next week but this aggressive planet of action has already come to a complete stop as it prepares to make the backward shift. So let's stop and prepare too. Here are 3 tips for managing any Mars Retrograde and then some insight on how to handle this particular retrograde in Libra. Let's break it down! 

1. Don't just Do it!- Don't just act without thinking things through is a good one in general, but when the energy of Mars is turned inward you can really get an opportunity to hone your plan of attack for optimum success. You almost won't want to or be able to act as much as you may want to, which can be frustrating.

2. Prime your Passions - Mars rules our passions and sexual drive, and the burning energy focused inward more strongly could cause you to overheat or combust. You could here from an old lover or decide to reach out to one you just can't seem to get enough of. Our creative passions also are up for reworking or review and you could end up re-fighting a battle you thought you already won with a creative or personal partner. 

3. Tame your Temper - Mars is the ruler over the sign of Aries which is a hot tempered personality with an "I want what I want when I want it" attitude. With Mars retrograde the intensity of this desire will be heightened and could cause even more impatience for the already patient challenged Mars. This is a good time to assess how we deal with conflict and anger. 

That's a general insight of for any Mars retrograde. Now let's put it into more specific context by looking at this coming Mars Retrograde in Libra March 1st - May 19th.

This Mars retrograde is in Libra, so with the planet of passion in the sign of love and partnership, all forms of relationships and collaborative efforts will be of great importance and up for review. Libra is the opposite of Aries, which is the ruling sign for Mars. So with consciousness and awareness there is a real opportunity to transcend beyond this set of opposites during this time. Libra brings diplomacy, balance, fairness, justice, equality and higher forms of relating. This may not be something Mars/Aries is comfortable with, yet it can benefit immensely from incorporating these things into their drive to make things happen. And Libra can be too indecisive, so having a little push in the right direction will be helpful. These two need each other and can find great mutual benefit by working together. 

For most this energy will invoke a natural desire to slow down, but for many and especially those with strong Aries or fire in their chart this may be much more difficult of a time. 

Basically this energy being drawn inward can manifest as Acting out of Character in two possible ways; 

1. Over-confidence, anger or extreme displays of affection from an otherwise timid or shy personality. 

2. A more delayed, slowed action or unclear motivation coming from a usual go-getter type. 

Either way, the best way to handle this retrograde is to simply lower your expectations a bit and you will be less likely to experience any major conflicts, upsets or disappointments. 

Play nice and deal the cards fairly! For your well Being! 

I hope this insight can help you navigate these current energies now and beyond with consciousness and success. And remember you can follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support. And sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight delivered to your inbox each month.   

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comment below! I want to hear how these Astrological times are impacting you and how I can best serve you in the future. 


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blessings in Disguise ~Jupiter opposite Pluto!

So we are in the 2nd of 3 exact oppositions between Jupiter in Cancer & Pluto in Capricorn so I wanted to post a few reminders about the possible manifestations of this aspect. And although it has windows where it is exact, it will be in pretty close proximity all year and therefore always in play to some degree.

Now first lets define the aspect itself.

The 'Opposition' is the 'Aspect of Awareness', but can be considered a hard aspect. It’s about dealing with one thing in ‘relation’ to another, so  it can show up as:

·         Restlessness or stress.
·         Challenge of balancing seemingly opposing forces – tug-of-war
·         Can draw out the strengths of the other side and ground for successful growth     

Now specifically, here are some ways this Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn can manifest (positively or negatively and for better or worse):

·         Relationships of all kinds must work carefully to find balance between determination, drive and nurturing optimism for all to benefit.
·         Extremely powerful ambition and drive for success can be supported.
·         Excess; taking good to extremes. Overindulgence in whatever you desire. Ex. Food, drink, sex etc. You can get yourself in trouble if you get swept away.  
·         Big secrets, Big Power, Big Money, Big Reform
·         Bursting your bubble with harsh truths or reality checks.
·         Grounding your good fortune for solid progress to occur for the long term.
·         Fears revealed in big ways that must be dealt with.
·         Reaping what you've sown in a big way. 
·         Wealth of buried matter or Buried treasure to manifest in different forms. Ex. Compost pile – decaying garbage that turns into fertile land/foundation.
·         Mind over matter – used for good or bad

So we are all experiencing this aspect in some way within our own charts and lives as well as witnessing these things in the world around us. Do any of these points resonate for you? If you aren’t experiencing the transit like others are or how Astrologer’s may be describing it, it may be because of how this opposition is operating for you specifically.

Another way to look at this transit is as 'Blessings in Disguise' which can be revealed through:

·         Calling on the crisis or darker issues/problems that need to be dealt with before you can reap the real benefits of your destiny or create the ultimate happiness you are trying to achieve in your life.  Remember: “It’s always darkest before the dawn”.
·         Home & Career challenges. With Jupiter in Cancer the foundation of your life, home and family could be the needed support or the place of issue or the opposite with Pluto in Capricorn the work or career can be the needed supported or place of issue. Either way remember: “With hard work comes great reward”.

I know there have been many challenges for us as people, families, communities and global neighbors; but Jupiter is also about faith and Pluto is also about rebirth, so with Working Awareness ALL can be transformed within our beliefs so we can include ALL in the benefits of this life. A true rebirth is possible if we are ALL willing to work at it.

Stay TRUE and be YOU! Draw strength in our challenges to cultivate real joy, health, success and Love for ALL!

Astrology knowledge! For your well Being!

I hope this insight can help you navigate these current energies now and beyond with consciousness and success. And remember you can follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support. And sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight delivered to your inbox each month.    

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comment below! I want to hear how these Astrological times are impacting you and how I can best serve you in the future. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fast, Furious & Infuriating Full Moon

Today's Full Moon in Gemini and tomorrow's impending Uranus in Aries shift direct has things speeding up and heating up!

Gemini rules our mental approach and our mouths, and with it's ruling planet Mercury in bigger is better Sagittarius, brilliant ideas are forming, information is being exchanged rapidly and there is a real feeling of a need for excitement and variety. The duality challenge here is to be able to share our thoughts in a way that reveals our honest interest and our true curious nature rather than coming off as a big-mouth, know-it-all.

Uranus in Aries is already slowing down to shift directions tomorrow and it's beginning to feel like a pressure cooker ready to burst our top off. The retrograde has kept the lid on things pretty tight since July, and perhaps so tight this new energy takes us by surprise, but nevertheless, now all bets are off. Intensity is heightened and tempers are starting to flare. And as the square to transformational Pluto continues throughout next year, the duality challenge here is between persist progress and dramatic destruction. Either way may get you to your desired destination, and it is likely that neither will be sunshine and roses, but one certainly takes more grace and awareness than the other.

So if we know the changes we need to make in our lives to kick 2014 in the direction of our true desires and purpose, this can give us just the power needed to break through any barriers blocking our way. However, if we don't act consciously and use atleast some reservations, we could just burn a lot of rubber or blow up all the bridges we crossed to get there. The choice is yours.

And lastly, speaking of kicking off 2014 and choices, using this Gemini Full Moon energy to put all your goals in writing would be a wise way to use it. Venus, the planet of choice, goes retrograde this weekend and rules most of the things we will be wishing for this holiday season...more money, new job, new love, etc...

So before we go Venus reflective until January's end and before the Sun moves into Capricorn to hibernate for the winter solstice kick off on Saturday, get all the busy holiday prep finished and build your wish list for the big changes you want to make next year. And most importantly, move and speak with the acute awareness that we are ALL feeling the same pressures and words of support and conciliation will go much further than a fiery attitude of personal agenda and impulsive, selfish behavior.

So in honor of the late Paul Walker, we can all appreciate the need for speed and the love of the rush of danger, but unfortunately, when you chose that lifestyle you also run the risk of sudden changes that end it all. Very sad and devastating. So please proceed with some caution during these fast and furious times.

The new year may not start off with a bang, but this year will certainly end on one. And awareness is key to ensure you are on a positive path when the new year begins rather than cleaning up debris and wreckage.

Hold on to each other my friends and try to enjoy the thrill of the ride, while exercising extreme awareness....For your well Being!