Friday, June 2, 2017

Astrology Parent Ed Series - Mercury and "The Way They Learn!"

Mercury is the planet of learning, mental thought processes, communication, information gathering and exchanging, perception, conscious awareness, as well as siblings, local community.

Understanding your child’s Mercury will allow you to better support them in their education as well as navigating the differences between themselves, their siblings and classmates as they grow up. It also provides parents an awareness of how to nurture positive communication, problem solving and personal expression.

I read a fantastic book called "The Way They Learn -How to discover and teach to your child's strengths", by Cynthia UlichTobias. It's great how she simply breaks down the different ways we all learn and guides you to specifying this for your own child. 

As an Astrologer I could not help but assume and hope this would have a direct correlation to the energy and archetype of the planet Mercury. So I've begun exploring it!

Ulrich writes in the beginning, "The way in which we view the world is called our perception. Perceptions shape what we think, how we make decisions, and how we define what's important to us. Our individual perceptions also determine our natural learning strengths, or "learning styles".
Sounds like Mercury to me!
Now Ulich first notes another researcher, Dr. Anthony F. Gregorc, and his model of learning styles which are two basic points of view for how our minds perceive and understand information. The two perceptual qualities that each mind possesses are Concrete Perception and Abstract Perception.
Concrete is gathering information using the five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. The senses deal with the tangible, obvious, here and now. "It is what it is".  This speaks right to how Mercury manifests in our Earth and Air signs; Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius.
Abstract  is gathering information using visualization, intuition, intellect and imagination. This quality allows one to conceive ideas, understand or believe what can't actually be seen. "It's not always what it seems." This speaks right to how Mercury manifests in our Water and Fire signs; Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces.
Once information is perceived, what then do we do with it? How do we use what we know? Gregorc states there are 2 methods for "ordering" what we know. Sequential and Random.
Sequential ordering is allowing the mind to organize information in a linear fashion using a logical train of thought and a conventional approach. This quality prefers to have a plan and follow it. "Follow the steps." Here we see another connection to how Mercury manifests in our Earth and Air signs which also take this same path.
Random ordering is allowing the mind to organize pieces of information with no particular sequence, can jump around, skip steps and still produce the desired result. This quality appears impulsive, spontaneous or working without a clear plan. "Just get it done." Here we see another connection to how Mercury manifests in our Water and Fire signs which also take this same path.
Now just as no two people's Astrology is the same and Mercury is simply one piece of each individuals unique and complex personality, no person is only one learning style. We each have a blend of these learning styles that help point to our natural strengths and abilities. 

And when we Astrologers talk about Mercury we are also describing this same combination based on all the other parts (planets) and placements (house) of the natal chart and how they respond to and work with each other (aspects).

The planet Mercury is the closest to us and therefore is always traveling relatively close to the Sun. It is never more than one zodiac sign away from where the Sun is at any given time. So everyone's Mercury sign is going to either be the same as your Sun sign or in the sign before or after. For example, if you are an Aries Sun, your Mercury will either be in Aries, Taurus or Pisces.
Next Gregorc puts these styles together in four combinations:
Concrete Sequential (CS) and  Abstract Sequential (AS)
Abstract Random (AR) and Concrete Random (CR)

So CS and AR could potentially match people with their Sun and Mercury in the same sign. And the AS and CR could then point to a person who has Mercury in a different sign from their Sun! 

My hypothesis is that based on the sign of your Mercury and whether is it in the same sign as your Sun or a neighboring one can also help direct us to our unique combination. Then when you consider the distance between them, the house placement and any other planet players influencing through aspect, a deeper understanding can be found and the strengths, abilities and any challenges may be uncovered. 

My case is proven at first look at my own and my Pisces son's Sun and Mercury. I am a double Aquarius (Sun/Mercury - Air sign) giving me a foundation CS - Concrete Sequential learning style, which does pretty much fit the bill for me. And my son is a double Pisces (Sun/Mercury - Water Sign), giving him an AR - Abstract Random learning style, which also totally fits him. Crazy! Right!? We do have "coloring" from the other styles when we go deeper and look at the house placement, but this is a great place to start! 

AND not to mention the parenting assist this provides in realizing how different we are from each other in our styles. So knowing our differences can help us be more patient, excepting and more effective in our support of our children. And perhaps looking into some of the "coloring", or places where our learning styles may be similar, we can find common ground and therefore relate better with them. 

For example, my Sun and Mercury are in the 8th house, which is ruled by water (his style) and his Sun and Mercury are in the 11th house, which is ruled by Air (my style). Cool right? I think so! So there may be some natural coloring that can create an avenue where we can meet to better understand each other. And there is! 

When I first found out I was having an uber Pisces child and knowing myself, I worried about our potential communication issues knowing the conflict between Air and Water. I thought all my logic would be lost on him unless I could get him to "feel" what I meant. So I would have to make an effort there, and I did. 

But then I also saw and realized the benefit as he grew up, that all his Pisces and specifically his Sun/Mercury where in the Air house of Aquarius. Once he could talk I was blown away because he actually was able to absorb (water) my logic and even retain and understand it in a way I can't! 

And now that he has entered school I am watching his unique learning style blossom first hand. It's so interesting to already see his early ease with math and love of Science with a basic abstract random learning style in a concrete sequential Astrology house. Neither of these areas are my specialty at all! I find more interest in exploring the mysteries of life and seeking the deeper meaning of everything. In that respect I find science and math fascinating. And this certainly points to my CS - Aquarius (Air) Sun/Mercury in the AR 8th house of Scorpio (water) placement.    

Now I know Mercury alone cannot spell it all out for our children, but I do feel pretty certain it can be a significant added guidance in understanding how we learn and therefore be priceless in supporting our children both academically and socially. 

If you want to read about your or your child's Mercury sign and get an idea of how it adds to the personality and learning style, check out this page from Cafe Astrology! If you don't have your or your child's natal charts you can also get those free here along with a basic report. And you can also contact me and I'd be happy to do a full personal reading for you and/or your child. 

This is a fascinating study to me! And I've barely scratched the surface on the topic. I hope you also find it interesting. And I will offer more on my exploration down the line. 

Love & Light

Friday, May 20, 2016

Retrograde Progress! It Can Happen!

When people hear the word "retrograde" in Astrology they usually cringe. Well after studying and "living" astrology for the last decade, I'm writing to attempt to redeem and shift the perspective a bit.

Most of us will agree that life moves really fast these days, and often we feel like time is flying right by us in ways that have us struggling to capture important moments, reflect on things or even breathe.

Well, this is what retrograde periods are ultimately for. They provide us with opportunities to slow down, gather our thoughts, ideas, senses and breath, so we can proceed with more understanding, awareness, mindfulness and confidence. And I'd like to add that real definitive progress can also be made during these times. Life does not have to stop and frankly, it can't.

We are currently in a Mercury retrograde, and I find myself revisiting my blog and writing again. Huh? Whata ya know! Life has calmed enough for me to gather my thoughts so I can actually sit down and write. I've spent month (actually over a year) racing around with fleeting thoughts and ideas in my head of what I'd like to write and trying to set intentions to get back to actually doing it, and nothing... until now. 

And not only is Mercury touring backward, so is action planet Mars and business and money task master Saturn. Luckily Jupiter has shifted direct after 4 months, so this helps to lift the spirits for sure. Nevertheless, I have begun to recognize that often much actually can and does happen under these and all retrograde phases.

As we race around every day aren't we physically or mentally making lists of "to dos" that we hope to get to at some point? Well, do you ever notice that that "some point" can often come during a retrograde? For a lover of making lists and checking shit off it, this feels awesome to me. I have a passion for feeling like I'm being productive and making progress, so retrogrades have become a positive opportunity rather than a negative one for me. And there are many small things on my daily lists that I get to check off during the 3 or 4 regular Mercury retrograde times we have every year. But sometimes, like now, we are dealt a heavier hand of retrograde energy so bigger items on bigger lists can potentially be marked off.  And I want to share a recent experience to show that progress can be made under these conditions  and actually that retrograde periods can be very helpful in many ways...believe it or not. 

My husband and I have had a home improvement to do list since we moved into our house 6 years ago. We don't have a large home, so we have been planning to redo the backyard and build a covered patio that can be an additional outdoor living space as we have a large family and also love to entertain.  Now this project was by no means a new venture or conceived under retrogrades, which is key. And we started the actual project before Mercury went retrograde. Nevertheless, Mars and Saturn were already working backwards and the trickster definitely still played a big part in the process. I'll explain.

First we signed the estimate and put down a deposit before Mercury went into retrograde, yet because we were already in the shadow of it I prepared myself for delays... and they started the job a couple days later than planned. The demo of the old patio concrete was done even before the official shift, but not without hiccups and delays. They busted a water pipe on day 1, knocked out our previously placed footings for our covered patio on day 2 (which would now have to be redone), on day 3 they said they'd start late but ended up not showing at all because there was an accident on another job, and on day 4 they chopped my cable line creating a series of appointments to repair. See Mercury and the others were already at work, and clearly other people were also dealing with them too.

I just rolled with it and kept saying, "yep, this is the energy we are in and this is the choice we made." And even though I know I over communicated about the issues of watching for the pipes, only cutting around the footings and several other particulars, still much was lost in translation between the foreman and his workers. But there was really nothing I could do but keep a sense of humor about it all and keep going. And in the end these hiccups and delays actually allowed things to be fixed and redone in a better way than they originally were, which was a positive.

They say you can absolutely  get things accomplished during Mars and Saturn retrograde phases, but you should proceed with caution and it may take longer and cost more than expected. Well that has been proven to be true also.  There was added cost along the way due to some of these issues mentioned and other miscommunication about what was included and what wasn't with the original estimate.

But again on the positive side, if you use the slow pace to your advantage and proceed with caution only after all the necessary info has been gathered the end result will be worth it. And I agree. And it was.

When Saturn went retrograde I reviewed our budgets and finances, realized we had made huge progress over the years of waiting and could now responsibly afford the project. Then I slowly researched all the possibilities and ideas ensuring we settled on what we really wanted (even though we had been discussing it for months). And of course my husband had a say as well and I listened really hard to his thoughts and desires and trusted his vision. Next I gathered several quotes and compared them carefully to make a choice on a company before Mars went retrograde. And I think because Mars and Saturn were moving slower I was really able to take the time to efficiently evaluate before taking action.

And believe me, I asked myself several times if I should wait. But I now felt such a strong drive to get this thing done. And when planets are retrograde the energy can become internally much more intense and I feel this was the case for me. I had put in the time and done the homework. And I was very aware of the universal energy in play. But I was still feeling the time was right to go for it. So we did.  

Now you could probably explain away the Astrology here if you wanted to because I've also come to learn that this is the way all home improvement projects go. This way my first rodeo. But this was such a huge, long awaited goal for us and the way things seemed to finally magically come together makes me feel that there was something beyond us helping....even if at times it seemed harder in the process. It was like the universe continuing to test us. "Do you really want it?" "Do you think it will be worth it?" "Can you handle this?" And since the answer was a resounding "Yes", we won. The concrete and phase 1 is finished and the covered patio is due to begin construction tomorrow. We'll see what the planets say about this next phase, but I look forward to any challenges that might come so the end product can be better than even we imagined. 

There is a saying that nothing in life worth having comes easy or without hard work. I suppose when planets are in retrograde it can feel like harder work and like nothing can easily be accomplished. Yet I believe if you use the time wisely and navigate it with true awareness of its opportunity to service us well, help us improve and evolve successfully, we might welcome them more often with open arms.

Note: Perhaps a part 2 of this post will be in order down the line, #MercuryRetrograde. Lol But I felt compelled to share from where I am now in the hopes that it can potentially ease the pain and stress of retrograde energy and show that good things can still happen during these times. And please comment below,  I'd love to hear other people's positive experiences under planetary retrogrades. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Live, Learn and Parent with Saturn

We've all heard the term, "Live and Learn". Well, with the use of Astrology, we can actually learn and then live more successfully through the awareness of the task-master planet Saturn in our chart. And if you believe in reincarnation, where Saturn sits in our chart by sign and house can indicate what we came here to learn and workout this time around to continue our Soul's journey as well. But let's just look at the basics for now. 

Saturn is a 7 year cycle and it works kind of like school. You're given a task to do, learn how to do it, practice it over and over, often failing at first, and then you are tested on it. If you pass the test, you get a reward and then you get to move to the next grade, lesson or level, so you can continue to grow and evolve. And the task we are each given is to learn how to navigate and succeed on this journey called Life. This is how Saturn works in our lives. And every 7 years will mark a pivotal turning point on your path, providing important opportunities to shift life in a better direction. Understanding this placement in our Astrology charts can promote powerful progress and help to reach our goals faster and find our ultimate purpose sooner. Saturn, among other things, is about maturity, authority, ambition and commitment, and governs things like structure, rules, limitations and time. So when we master our Saturn, we become masters of ourselves and the CEO of our lives!

In psychology, they say a child's personality is fully formed by the age of 7. So all the experiences had and structures that are formed during the first seven years will create the foundation of their lives and personalities. Click [here] to read a great article about it.  

And since Saturn is a 7 year cycle, I believe Saturn is key to becoming more aware of our child's natural approach to work, responsibility and problem solving, as well as informing us of the types of skills our children will have or develop to deal with the fears, limitations and challenges they may face in life. It also indicates the types of lessons they will have to learn in order to achieve their goals. So what mother wouldn't want to have this knowledge in her back pocket so she could help guide her children toward being the best they can be and navigating life as successfully as possible? 

As part of life, there are ongoing challenges presented to guide, grow, mend or reform us into more supportive, productive and fulfilled people. And beyond understanding your child's Saturn, the value of understanding and working with our own Saturn is priceless for being able to impart wisdom that can help them through hard times as they are also very influenced by what is witnessed and experienced through watching us. We are all products of our environment and our early childhood environment creates the foundation for the rest of our lives. So although we do come with our own unique "chart" and "hard-wiring", which I believe plays a huge role in the natural expression of are personalities and how we operate, I also believe that that expression can be severely affected for better or worse based on our environment. And here is an amazing video dispelling all the Myths on Nature vs. Nurture, and one that I feel strongly supports my belief in the value of Astrology as a powerful tool for conscious parenting. 

So bottom line, the less stable we are, the less stable these structures are shown to our children and in turn, the more struggles, conflicts and challenges they will face in their lives. It truly is most important to know ourselves as best as we can and to lead by being the best example we can be. And Saturn can help.

Keep reading to get more of my personal experience living, learning and parenting with Saturn to get a better idea of the value of knowing this for yourself and your children. Or if you'd like to jump right into discovering more about your own Saturn through a reading, email me at, or go to my website at  to learn more about me and my services.

Now since we learn best through hindsight. Let's look at my Saturn first. My Saturn is in Taurus in the 11th house of friends, hopes, wishes and dreams. Taurus is about love, partnership, money and personal value. And what I learned and committed to early on was to Not get married or have kids ever because of what I experienced as a child with my mom and dad splitting and witnessing the struggles of single parenting. I was afraid my mother's story would naturally be mine. From my perspective everything was a luxury I couldn't afford or didn't deserve and love was something that was always lost. None of this helped to build my self-esteem, but at the same time this placement made other helpful aspects that gave me great resilience. And over time, age, maturity and self-discovery work, I managed to let go of what 'happened in my life' as a direct definition of who I was and what I could create for my own life. I am not my father or my mother and I can structure my life any way I want and do what works for me without judgment, fear or worry of rejection. And it was after manning this heavy load, at the age of 36, that I was rewarded with an awesome man who would become my partner in life and was gifted a beautiful child to take my journey to a whole new level. Saturn will give you all that you don't even realize you desire, if you are willing to do the hard work and then surrender any plans or expectations of what you think you want.

And by the way, I don't blame my parents for my circumstances growing up because as I know, especially now as a parent, they did the best they could with what they knew based on their own experiences. However, I also believe that part of our individual journey is to become aware of the fact that we can still write our own story and create a different reality for ourselves if we choose to. And a large part of my growth came from having honest conversations with both my parents about where they came from, their upbringing and what they learned as children and young people.

So now that I have a child, an honest, respectful understanding of myself and a passion for Astrology, I can't help but desire to utilize this knowledge and my experiences to teach and support my son to do better than I did. Isn't that every parents goal? And this is just another priceless tool to have in my conscious parenting toolbox.

My son Joseph has Saturn retrograde in Libra in the 6th house. Libra is the sign of diplomacy, kindness, ease and others. The sixth house rules daily routine, health, work and being the home of Virgo, influences the mental aptitude for managing life in an organized way. And as mentioned above, Saturn rules time, responsibility, age and maturity among many things. Now when a planet is retrograde it means that often the energy is a bit more intense and internalized. So in the case of Saturn it can indicate a self regulator of sorts and with a natural ability to self manage. It can also create a dislike of being told how to handle things. And in Joe's case, he seems to really enjoy being the one giving the orders, especially as he is at the age where testing the level of control he can have over his environment is very common and important for him to learn.

Now Joseph is only 3 and half and I can already see the manifestation of his Saturn in Libra. And I have hopes and natural concerns as he grows up. One of the best things is how he handles having to wait and be patient. This is not easy for any kid. When a child wants something they want it NOW and waiting is virtually impossible, often resulting it total meltdowns or tantrums. And waiting is really hard for Joe as well. However, he is super polite about it. Instead of freaking out, he comes to me and says, "Mommy, waiting is reeeeaalllyyyyy hard. I can't wait any more. Please." And he will fuss a bit, but he works really hard to accommodate me and wait. And we talk about the lesson of patience and the value of practicing it for our well being.

And there a ton of other little things I observe all the time too, that I feel are strong Saturn contributors. He is really polite and well mannered, loves books and knowing how things work or function, and is a great helper around the house, as long as I don't order him to do things, but rather ask nicely. And he seems to place a high standard on himself and others to do things 'right' or in a 'certain way' to be enjoyable for him.

And since nothing stands alone, there are obviously things in conjunction with his other chart aspects that influence these characteristics. He is a Pisces Sun and Moon with a Taurus rising, so Saturn seems to support this for the most part. My concerns lye in his development of healthy eating habits and follow-through. I am hoping that with Saturn in the 6th he will have a physical constitution as strong as his memory, but because Saturn can indicate limitations, blocks or where we need to learn something to be better, I am very conscious of teaching him discipline, responsibility and the importance of things like a balanced diet and finishing what you start. 

Also, on a deeper level, I don't think it was any accident that both Joseph's and my Saturn's are in signs ruled by the planet Venus (Libra + Taurus). Both of us will always be working toward creating a certain level of value, ease, peace and harmony in our lives and relationships to provide a strong foundation for building love, abundance and security for ourselves and others. And I believe we were brought together to help each other do that.

Living and learning with Saturn is all about patience and perspective. It takes time to fully understand it's purpose and function in our lives. However, it's never too soon to learn what you may be up against. Fore warned is fore armed, as the saying goes. And I can say from my personal 42 year journey so far that, if we can approach every challenge, issue or problem that comes our way as an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve, then Saturn will continue to reward our efforts. And there will be times when we stumble, but there will always be another chance to create a stepping stone that will bring you closer to achieving success, whatever that looks like for you. 

I believe the knowledge of the entire Astrology chart, and specifically learning how to work with Saturn, can truly make a powerful difference in the level of success that can be reached in one's life. And knowing this for your child can offer you a magical tool for nurturing your little ones toward being the best they can be too. 

I hope sharing my experience and insight on living and learning with Saturn has inspired and supported you on your journey of self-discovery through Astrology. And remember you can follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support.  And sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight in your inbox each month. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

March with Mars...and Make 'IT' Happen!

A few months back I wrote about Mars in Libra and the Battle for Balance. And now that Mars has entered Scorpio I get the sense that the battle might wage on, just in a new form. Duh, you might say?! Isn't life a constant battle for balance? Yep it is! However, the tone, temperament and tactics of how we find and maintain this beautiful place of balance also constantly changes. It changes as Mars moves though the 12 signs of the Zodiac and, more specifically for each of us, by how it aspects our Natal Mars position.

And I've realized that Mars' continuous movement through the sky is actually quite beneficial to the energetic process of making things happen, getting where we want to go and achieving goals in our lives. So instead of a follow up to my own story, I thought it would be much more useful and helpful to take a march with Mars through the signs to show the importance, value and purpose of this aggressive action planet's cycle for your personal success. 

Mars is a two year cycle, which means it will return to the position it was when you were born every couple of years to evolve, refresh and reignite your personal drive, authority and power. The energy of Mars is aggressive, forceful passionate and impatient. This burning fire also promotes strong will, bold action, ambitious desire and the strength and courage to fight for what we want and need to live and move. And it takes at least bit of all of these qualities to create, grow and succeed in life. The amounts of each for you individually will depend much on the natural Mars energy you carry to begin with.

And regardless of what sign your Mars is in personally, it makes its journey through the zodiac to continuously support, challenge, change and reward your efforts, to help you achieve your goals and grow to your fullest potential.

My personal Mars is in Aries, it's ruler by the way, so I naturally fit the Mars bill in terms of taking action. And while Mars has been traveling through its opposite sign Libra, my usual approach to getting things done has been annoyingly opposed. However, the things it has brought to my attention over the last seven months have already proven to be priceless lessons in love, generosity and patience. I'm hugely grateful even though it has been, admittedly, often a very frustrating process. 

So let's take a march with Mars though the signs and see if I can provide some insight to support the importance and value of shifting our focus and pace to get where we want to go. If you don't know what sign your Mars is in you can start by reading your Sun sign, because your Sun Sign is the star driving force that is always pulling you toward your fullest potential and will reveal a major aspect of how you take action in your life. I am an Aquarius Sun and Mars in Aquarius definitely resonates with me too. However, my Natal Mars sign and position reveals more specifically what challenges me along the way to reach my personal authority and goals. Make sense? It's like my Sun is the intention and my Mars is the journey. 

And if you want to know your specific Mars sign you can use the Chart Calculator on my website. Put in your birth info, look for the male symbol for Mars and then use the zodiac guide at the top of the page to locate the correct sign if you're not already familiar with them. And if that is too complicated, you can email me at and I will be happy to do it for you. 

Nevertheless, whether you know your sign or not you can benefit from understanding the role each sign plays and then following where it is traveling in the sky. So let's march!

Mars in Aries 
If you have Mars in Aries you have plenty of impulse to act. In fact, you may take action impulsively and pursue what you desire quite aggressively and with lots of enthusiasm. The journey of transiting Mars will help you structure and refine your plans, teach you to act with consideration for the thoughts and feelings of others as well as make you aware of the consequences of your actions. So the other signs can help you reach your goals and often save you from trouble. 

Mars in Taurus
If you have Mars in Taurus your impulse to act can be reserved by the evaluation process you place on everything you do. You can be slow to take initiative, but when you do, you work slowly with determination to get things done and understand the importance of building something of beauty and quality. The journey of transiting Mars will help to push you along and ignite more drive to share your skills and talents. So the other signs can help you reach your goals and often provide the nudge you need to get started. 

Mars in Gemini
If you have Mars in Gemini your impulse to act starts in your head with ideas, education and study. You can have so many exciting thoughts about what to do and ways to go that it can have you vacillating in your actions constantly. The journey of transiting Mars will help you move on your decisions before you can change your mind and drive your intellectual impulse toward clearer purpose and plans. So the other signs can help you reach your goals and focus your mind and actions in a single direction. 

Mars in Cancer
If you have Mars in Cancer your impulse to act starts in your heart with a need to nurture, care and create with sensitivity. You have a strong will and a tender tenacity to make things happen and the motivation is almost always to give and receive love. The journey of transiting Mars will help you come out of your safe place, make bolder moves and rationalize your emotions so they can support rather than suppress your drive. So the other signs can help you reach your goals and free your heart from fear or insecurity about your ability to succeed. 

Mars in Leo
If you have Mars in Leo your impulse to act is doubled by a passionate, dramatic confidence that grabs the attention of others like a moth to a flame. You make grand plans and have no problem driving them into action and you are so focused that you can become overbearing and authoritative in your self-expression. The journey of transiting Mars will help you temper your tone, consider others needs to be seen too and ground your gravitas so you can always shine. The other signs can help you reach your goals and ensure you express your authentic spirit. 

Mars in Virgo
If you have Mars in Virgo your impulse to act begins in the brain with detailed examination of the process by which things will get done correctly and most efficiently. You are quietly practical, precise and determined in your actions and have a serious drive to be of service. In fact, your focus can be so strong that there is no flexibility or room for sensitivity. The journey of transiting Mars will help you bend or change course when necessary, consider someone else's plan as a valid possibility and soften your critical tone. The other signs can help you reach your goals and provide other useful tools for getting there.

Mars in Libra 
If you have Mars in Libra your impulse to act is prompted by a desire to have fun, please and create peace and love. Your drive to be fair and honest in your actions can cause you to be constantly weighing the pros and cons and not actually doing much. The journey of transiting Mars will help you take action, make firm decisions, do what is good for yourself as much as others and stand independently within your partnerships. The other signs can help you reach your goals and team up with more personal authority and confidence. 

Mars in Scorpio
If you have Mars in Scorpio your impulse to act comes from a desire to have power and control over what happens to always feel safe and protected. You have intense discipline, will and relentless drive to get what you want and will stop at nothing to get it. And this can often make you feel like you have no recourse but to be ruthless and pushy at times. The journey of transiting Mars will help you release your hold enough to let others help, free yourself from your unrealistic fears of failure and ground your penetrating efforts to successfully apply them in the world. The other signs can help you reach your goals and positively manipulate your actions without causing pain. 

Mars in Sagittarius
If you have Mars in Sagittarius your impulse to act is accentuated with a larger than life motivation to go further faster. You have a daring, courageous, impulsive will and are happy to work independently to get what you desire. You are on a personal quest to expand your world through going out and experiencing it first hand, so this can have you changing direction quickly with powerful purpose, for good reason and with no real desire to explain yourself. The journey of transiting Mars will help you recognize the value of sharing your adventurous spirit as an inspiring influence on others and providing you the structure to hold on to the fortune you can build. The other signs can help you reach your goals and live beyond your wildest dreams. 

Mars in Capricorn 
If you have Mars in Capricorn your impulse to act is controlled by a cautious approach and regulations put on yourself that require a certain result is reached from your actions. This can provide an unending endurance and discipline to driving your plans forward, but can also get you stuck in the cement of your convictions and miss out on the real opportunity that will bring you success. The journey of transiting Mars will help you loosen the reins on getting it done the right way and instead focus on using any road blocks as stepping stones. The other signs can help you reach your goals and confidently lead others to do the same. 

Mars in Aquarius 
If you have Mars in Aquarius your impulse to act is unconventional with a drive to take everyone forward with you. You take a quick-witted route to fight for the freedom for all to act independently and at times struggle between wanting to help by joining groups together or going it alone yourself. The journey of transiting Mars will help you commit, structure and design your drive to manifest all your hopes, wishes and dreams while also teaching others how to march to their own beat too. The other signs can help you reach your goals and connect the dots to make progressive progress. 

Mars in Pisces 
If you have Mars in Pisces your impulse to act can be created or clouded by the emotional fantasy of how you imagine things will go or the illusions of how you fear they won't. You are motivated by your compassionate spirit to do for others in need without complaint, and inspired toward artistic endeavors as an outlet for your boundless imagination. The journey of transiting Mars will help you build personal boundaries to protect your sensitive heart, structure your mind to avoid being taken advantage of and fire you up enough to take action on your own behalf. The other signs can help you reach your goals and manifest your dreams into reality. 

So as you can now probably gather, there is a role each sign plays in the journey of striving toward and achieving our desires. We may have different foundational impulses from which we act first based on our Natal Mars, however, the many different qualities needed to actually succeed in our ventures can be developed though the awareness, assimilation and implementation of all the signs impulses. Therefore  by understanding your own Mars energy and then paying close attention to the transiting Mars position you can master the act of 'doing' consciously to manifest real and relevant results in your life.

And as a special note, the house placement will naturally also color your course even more. For example my Mars in Aries is in my 10th house of career and life purpose, which is the home of Capricorn and the planet Saturn. So I have a lot of ideas and desire to "just do it", and I can work smart and independently to get things done, but I'm often blocked by my own fears or concerns about how it will all turn out or what the result of my actions might be. I'm always working through this within to learn and form my personal authority and confidence about what I put out into the world. It can create a back and forth between excitement and frustration as I pursue my goals. However, the benefit of knowing this is that I can have a bit more compassion for myself and rest in the understanding that growth takes time and patience.

I hope this fun march with Mars helps to motivate and inspire you to look further into the cycle of Mars and forge your own exploration of how it works to support, challenge, change and reward your personal efforts to achieve whatever success looks like for you.

For your well Being!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jupiter in Leo ~ Two Sides of the Same Coin

Jupiter is now in Leo! We have all been looking forward to this shift in the hopes that lady luck will smile upon us and bring more love, abundance and joy into our lives! And this is certainly the highest manifestation of this wonderful transit. But I saw a great post this morning that said, "If we don't feel grateful with what we already have, what makes us think we will be happy with more?"  And I thought that was a powerful statement to be conscious of as we move into this big, bold, exciting energy that will ignite our desire to create more in our lives. And since Ego and Spirit are two sides of the same coin, I thought a healthy reminder of the duality of this transit might also be helpful.

Over the top!

All the great stuff you've read about Jupiter in Leo is true. It will bring opportunities, blessings, love and good-fortune for many people over the coming year. Yes! This transit ignites wonderful things! And I certainly don't want to be a Debbie Downer. However, I am in the business of Duality, so it's just as important to me to make you aware of how the shadow side of this can possibly manifest as well as the good it can bestow. There will be enough extra fire and drive to push things beyond our wildest dreams and also enough to push them right over the top. And with Saturn finishing out the year in Scorpio, Mars also bringing an intensity to our actions when it moves into Scorpio on July 25th, and Jupiter making aspect to both at times, there can be accidental causalities left in the wake of your blaze to the top if operating unconsciously. Here are just a few things to be aware of over the next year to ensure you make the most of this highly spirited energy.

  • Leo rules the Sun and the Sun is our Ego. So be mindful of yours and be conscious of the possibility of inflated ones operating around you.
  • Leo is the showman, entertainer and spotlight seeker by nature, and with this boost from Jupiter, now the drive and pull for center stage can be even stronger, and possibly without regard for the needs or feelings of others, even with the best of intentions. And in the spirit of dramatics, we will likely see plenty of extravagant drama created, even if it's just for show or fun. Think reality TV.
  • And with both Jupiter and Leo ruling good-times, adventure and larger-than-life living, there will likely be a strong tendency to go too far, over-indulge and over-spend.  
  • Jupiter rules beliefs and overall life philosophy, and once this has been established, a fight to stand by it can lead to unintended arguments, heated debates or even war. Jupiter/Sag. does not like to be wrong by nature, so adding the extra ego boost from Leo can pack a punch when provoked.

Sunny Side Up!

Our Sun sign also represents our Spirit and the true essence of our personality. And our lives are all about our personal journey toward finding fulfillment, understanding, acceptance, love and happiness in who we are. So with Jupiter, the planet of faith, philosophy, spiritual awakening and expansion moving through the ruler of the Sun, Leo, we will all feel the desire to broaden our horizons, do more of what brings us the most joy and express our true personalities in the world in a much bigger way. And when we lead from a true knowing of ourselves, with love and with a giving heart, wonderful  things can happen. So if we live with our sunny side up, this can be a time of great opportunity, growth and celebration of life.  Here are just a few of the positive manifestations that can come from an honest embrace of this highly spirited energy.

  • A letting go of Ego and showing Love through the support of all walks of life beyond even our own.
  • Expansion of faith, confidence, creative expression and spiritual practice.
  • Blessings and celebrations of true love, children and the joy that comes from being our authentic selves.
  • Personal growth, financial improvement and learning through travel, career opportunities and relationships.

It's likely that we will all experience both sides of this same coin over the course of the next year. And there can be value in both. It takes a well adjusted, strong Ego to power up and put ourselves out there for possible rejection as we travel the road toward success and fulfillment. We learn more from our failures than we do our successes anyway and it takes confidence to take risks to make things happen. So there is a substantial benefit from the Ego boost that Jupiter in Leo can bring, especially for those typically less able to step out of their comfort zone to achieve goals. I personally fall into this category, so I am actually hoping for a little healthy assistance in this area myself.

And if you witness yourself or someone else someone operating out of greed, selfish motivation or without regard for others, and you cannot find or reveal good reason to make a shift, then let them push too far and possibly fall over a cliff, because their real growth will begin when they land in a dark canyon.

We all have our unique road to hoe on our quest to blissful, spirited, true Self expression. Jupiter in Leo is an awesome energy to take advantage of in the next year to make some real progress on our individual journeys and as a global community. If we can operate from Spirit and consciously use the gift of this added strength, optimism and enthusiasm to seek the better life and world we all dream of, then we can all achieve great things without letting Ego take over!

To end on a high note, both of these energies are warm, fun, generous, optimistic, social, silly and super out-going. So this is the overwhelm of goodness we are all hopeful to receive, be a part of and create now. It will be infectious, fabulous and impossible to resist. There is no doubt this year will have a very welcomed, much lighter vibe. Jupiter is a twelve year cycle and spends about one year in each sign. So it's been 12 years since we have enjoyed Jupiter in Leo and will be twelve more after this until we do again. So Embrace it! Enjoy it! And share it!

For your well Being! 

I hope this insight can help you navigate this big Astro event and Beyond. And remember you can follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support.  And sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight in your inbox each month. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

True Nature of Unplugging

We're coming down the mountain from the beautiful Sierras after a peaceful, unplugged few days of camping and fishing. I'm looking at my phone and wait with great anticipation to see the 4G signal come on. Being out of touch for that short amount of time felt like a month and I realize how truly attached to the digital world and my device I am. However, after emailing my mom that we're safely on our way home, posting to FB and the world a slice of our trip, scrolling through my news feed a bit and deleting almost 200 junk emails, I'm looking out the back window at the majestic beauty and serene land of digital freedom and feeling silly. That took all of 5 minutes and yet I spend hours online every day. What have I learned?

Rewind three days: As the Sun was entering soulful Cancer I wanted to use this time as an opportunity to do a bit of a digital detox, as I knew I would already be 'out of range' for a few days anyway. It was stunningly beautiful and while sitting on these rocks, looking out at this view, hearing the water rushing, feeling the wind gusting through, the bugs buzzing around and feeling the powerful sun on my face all at the same time, I remembered that nature has its own brand of hustle and bustle. The difference here though, is the feeling of ease, peace and purpose with which it all happens. There is obviously the natural "survival of the fittest" element, but even in that there is a sense of calm because it's understood and respected that it's just a natural part of life.

So it changed my focus from emails, social media and worldly issues to the busy simplicity of nature. And by tuning into the rhythm around me and surrendering to this peaceful pace, it naturally made me feel lighter and able to understand things a little better.

Now I love my computer, my iPad, the internet and my cell phone! And after a few hours of watching my husband teach my son Joseph how to fish, enjoying one of his favorite past times and soaking up the fresh, clean mountain environment, we return to the campsite and we see the fully loaded RV's across the way with their TV's on. I instantly think, damn, I'm missing the Bachelorette! I know, it's sad! But it's true. And even my hubby was like, "it would be nice to chill and watch a movie right now". It's just the reality of life for us. And because the world has advanced and these fine folks running campgrounds want to still attract visitors, they have set up satellite dishes all over so you don't have to fully unplug to still enjoy the great outdoors.

But then after we play a little ball with our son, cook up an awesome tri-tip with potatoes and fresh zucchini from grandpa's back yard, crack a cold beer and then settle in by a fire for smores, I appreciate this time and feel the value of stepping away from all the things that keep us disconnected from each other, nature and ourselves. We have great conversation, tell silly stories with a flashlight under our chins, watch the millions of stars come out, that we never get to see in the city, and again I realize how small we are compared to the entire Milky Way. And yet, it was still fun to be able to use the Google Star Gazer App on my phone to see where the planets where and which constellations we were seeing.
So the reality is that we do live in a digital age and that can't be denied or escaped from entirely without conscious effort. And that's okay. But that just means we have to make unplugging on a regular or at least occasional basis more of a priority to stay connected with ourselves and what's truly most important. And even though I felt like I was off the grind for a really long time, and it was a helpful withdrawal from everything, I still could have sat there staring out at the beautiful mountain lake view for an actual month for me to entirely empty my mind and really connect with my inner source/voice/spirit.

Nevertheless, it was a great reminder that when I do step away and unplug nothing horrible happens. I don't miss out on anything and the world keeps on turning with or without me engaged in it. So you get a little taste of mortality when you unplug, which I think is healthy too. And even though I was with my core family, there is a sobering reminder of the truth, "you can't take it with you", and I should appreciate every day and even each mundane moment as priceless.

When we get so attached to the colorful screens and illusion of life we miss out on the real beauty all around us and perhaps miss out on discovering our real purpose for being here in the first place. 

I understand the benefit of unplugging for myself to witness the beauty around me, both in nature and in my family. But I realize it's even more important to do it for Joseph. My son is only going to be three once and he will only catch his first fish once. And as a parent now in our world, I think it is even more important to teach kids how to unplug, get outside more and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Astrologically, water/Cancer energy is a great support for doing this kind of self nurturing and tapping into our true needs. If there was a ton of air/mental energy in the heavens it may have been even more of a challenge to separate, quiet my mind and hear this sweet reminder. 

So this, to me, is yet another benefit of being aware of the current Astrological weather. It allows us to utilize it to our advantage so it can truly support our course. The planets, stars and heavens above are also part of this reflective nature that is here to help us recognize who we truly are and what an amazing opportunity this life is for each of us. 

I hope sharing my story will inspire you to consider making a conscious effort to unplug from the world more often, so you can plug in to the beauty of the world around you every day as well as your own natural beauty within. And if you dig Astrology as much as I do, you can also look to it as a guide for understanding your own personal nature so you can understand everything else a little better. For your well Being! #FYWB

Please feel free to share how you're using the current self-nurturing Cancer energy to help you unplug and tap into your deeper personal nature by commenting below. I'd love to hear what works for you so maybe it can also inspire others as well. And remember you can follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support. Sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight in your inbox each month. Thanks so much!