Wednesday, July 30, 2014

March with Mars...and Make 'IT' Happen!

A few months back I wrote about Mars in Libra and the Battle for Balance. And now that Mars has entered Scorpio I get the sense that the battle might wage on, just in a new form. Duh, you might say?! Isn't life a constant battle for balance? Yep it is! However, the tone, temperament and tactics of how we find and maintain this beautiful place of balance also constantly changes. It changes as Mars moves though the 12 signs of the Zodiac and, more specifically for each of us, by how it aspects our Natal Mars position.

And I've realized that Mars' continuous movement through the sky is actually quite beneficial to the energetic process of making things happen, getting where we want to go and achieving goals in our lives. So instead of a follow up to my own story, I thought it would be much more useful and helpful to take a march with Mars through the signs to show the importance, value and purpose of this aggressive action planet's cycle for your personal success. 

Mars is a two year cycle, which means it will return to the position it was when you were born every couple of years to evolve, refresh and reignite your personal drive, authority and power. The energy of Mars is aggressive, forceful passionate and impatient. This burning fire also promotes strong will, bold action, ambitious desire and the strength and courage to fight for what we want and need to live and move. And it takes at least bit of all of these qualities to create, grow and succeed in life. The amounts of each for you individually will depend much on the natural Mars energy you carry to begin with.

And regardless of what sign your Mars is in personally, it makes its journey through the zodiac to continuously support, challenge, change and reward your efforts, to help you achieve your goals and grow to your fullest potential.

My personal Mars is in Aries, it's ruler by the way, so I naturally fit the Mars bill in terms of taking action. And while Mars has been traveling through its opposite sign Libra, my usual approach to getting things done has been annoyingly opposed. However, the things it has brought to my attention over the last seven months have already proven to be priceless lessons in love, generosity and patience. I'm hugely grateful even though it has been, admittedly, often a very frustrating process. 

So let's take a march with Mars though the signs and see if I can provide some insight to support the importance and value of shifting our focus and pace to get where we want to go. If you don't know what sign your Mars is in you can start by reading your Sun sign, because your Sun Sign is the star driving force that is always pulling you toward your fullest potential and will reveal a major aspect of how you take action in your life. I am an Aquarius Sun and Mars in Aquarius definitely resonates with me too. However, my Natal Mars sign and position reveals more specifically what challenges me along the way to reach my personal authority and goals. Make sense? It's like my Sun is the intention and my Mars is the journey. 

And if you want to know your specific Mars sign you can use the Chart Calculator on my website. Put in your birth info, look for the male symbol for Mars and then use the zodiac guide at the top of the page to locate the correct sign if you're not already familiar with them. And if that is too complicated, you can email me at and I will be happy to do it for you. 

Nevertheless, whether you know your sign or not you can benefit from understanding the role each sign plays and then following where it is traveling in the sky. So let's march!

Mars in Aries 
If you have Mars in Aries you have plenty of impulse to act. In fact, you may take action impulsively and pursue what you desire quite aggressively and with lots of enthusiasm. The journey of transiting Mars will help you structure and refine your plans, teach you to act with consideration for the thoughts and feelings of others as well as make you aware of the consequences of your actions. So the other signs can help you reach your goals and often save you from trouble. 

Mars in Taurus
If you have Mars in Taurus your impulse to act can be reserved by the evaluation process you place on everything you do. You can be slow to take initiative, but when you do, you work slowly with determination to get things done and understand the importance of building something of beauty and quality. The journey of transiting Mars will help to push you along and ignite more drive to share your skills and talents. So the other signs can help you reach your goals and often provide the nudge you need to get started. 

Mars in Gemini
If you have Mars in Gemini your impulse to act starts in your head with ideas, education and study. You can have so many exciting thoughts about what to do and ways to go that it can have you vacillating in your actions constantly. The journey of transiting Mars will help you move on your decisions before you can change your mind and drive your intellectual impulse toward clearer purpose and plans. So the other signs can help you reach your goals and focus your mind and actions in a single direction. 

Mars in Cancer
If you have Mars in Cancer your impulse to act starts in your heart with a need to nurture, care and create with sensitivity. You have a strong will and a tender tenacity to make things happen and the motivation is almost always to give and receive love. The journey of transiting Mars will help you come out of your safe place, make bolder moves and rationalize your emotions so they can support rather than suppress your drive. So the other signs can help you reach your goals and free your heart from fear or insecurity about your ability to succeed. 

Mars in Leo
If you have Mars in Leo your impulse to act is doubled by a passionate, dramatic confidence that grabs the attention of others like a moth to a flame. You make grand plans and have no problem driving them into action and you are so focused that you can become overbearing and authoritative in your self-expression. The journey of transiting Mars will help you temper your tone, consider others needs to be seen too and ground your gravitas so you can always shine. The other signs can help you reach your goals and ensure you express your authentic spirit. 

Mars in Virgo
If you have Mars in Virgo your impulse to act begins in the brain with detailed examination of the process by which things will get done correctly and most efficiently. You are quietly practical, precise and determined in your actions and have a serious drive to be of service. In fact, your focus can be so strong that there is no flexibility or room for sensitivity. The journey of transiting Mars will help you bend or change course when necessary, consider someone else's plan as a valid possibility and soften your critical tone. The other signs can help you reach your goals and provide other useful tools for getting there.

Mars in Libra 
If you have Mars in Libra your impulse to act is prompted by a desire to have fun, please and create peace and love. Your drive to be fair and honest in your actions can cause you to be constantly weighing the pros and cons and not actually doing much. The journey of transiting Mars will help you take action, make firm decisions, do what is good for yourself as much as others and stand independently within your partnerships. The other signs can help you reach your goals and team up with more personal authority and confidence. 

Mars in Scorpio
If you have Mars in Scorpio your impulse to act comes from a desire to have power and control over what happens to always feel safe and protected. You have intense discipline, will and relentless drive to get what you want and will stop at nothing to get it. And this can often make you feel like you have no recourse but to be ruthless and pushy at times. The journey of transiting Mars will help you release your hold enough to let others help, free yourself from your unrealistic fears of failure and ground your penetrating efforts to successfully apply them in the world. The other signs can help you reach your goals and positively manipulate your actions without causing pain. 

Mars in Sagittarius
If you have Mars in Sagittarius your impulse to act is accentuated with a larger than life motivation to go further faster. You have a daring, courageous, impulsive will and are happy to work independently to get what you desire. You are on a personal quest to expand your world through going out and experiencing it first hand, so this can have you changing direction quickly with powerful purpose, for good reason and with no real desire to explain yourself. The journey of transiting Mars will help you recognize the value of sharing your adventurous spirit as an inspiring influence on others and providing you the structure to hold on to the fortune you can build. The other signs can help you reach your goals and live beyond your wildest dreams. 

Mars in Capricorn 
If you have Mars in Capricorn your impulse to act is controlled by a cautious approach and regulations put on yourself that require a certain result is reached from your actions. This can provide an unending endurance and discipline to driving your plans forward, but can also get you stuck in the cement of your convictions and miss out on the real opportunity that will bring you success. The journey of transiting Mars will help you loosen the reins on getting it done the right way and instead focus on using any road blocks as stepping stones. The other signs can help you reach your goals and confidently lead others to do the same. 

Mars in Aquarius 
If you have Mars in Aquarius your impulse to act is unconventional with a drive to take everyone forward with you. You take a quick-witted route to fight for the freedom for all to act independently and at times struggle between wanting to help by joining groups together or going it alone yourself. The journey of transiting Mars will help you commit, structure and design your drive to manifest all your hopes, wishes and dreams while also teaching others how to march to their own beat too. The other signs can help you reach your goals and connect the dots to make progressive progress. 

Mars in Pisces 
If you have Mars in Pisces your impulse to act can be created or clouded by the emotional fantasy of how you imagine things will go or the illusions of how you fear they won't. You are motivated by your compassionate spirit to do for others in need without complaint, and inspired toward artistic endeavors as an outlet for your boundless imagination. The journey of transiting Mars will help you build personal boundaries to protect your sensitive heart, structure your mind to avoid being taken advantage of and fire you up enough to take action on your own behalf. The other signs can help you reach your goals and manifest your dreams into reality. 

So as you can now probably gather, there is a role each sign plays in the journey of striving toward and achieving our desires. We may have different foundational impulses from which we act first based on our Natal Mars, however, the many different qualities needed to actually succeed in our ventures can be developed though the awareness, assimilation and implementation of all the signs impulses. Therefore  by understanding your own Mars energy and then paying close attention to the transiting Mars position you can master the act of 'doing' consciously to manifest real and relevant results in your life.

And as a special note, the house placement will naturally also color your course even more. For example my Mars in Aries is in my 10th house of career and life purpose, which is the home of Capricorn and the planet Saturn. So I have a lot of ideas and desire to "just do it", and I can work smart and independently to get things done, but I'm often blocked by my own fears or concerns about how it will all turn out or what the result of my actions might be. I'm always working through this within to learn and form my personal authority and confidence about what I put out into the world. It can create a back and forth between excitement and frustration as I pursue my goals. However, the benefit of knowing this is that I can have a bit more compassion for myself and rest in the understanding that growth takes time and patience.

I hope this fun march with Mars helps to motivate and inspire you to look further into the cycle of Mars and forge your own exploration of how it works to support, challenge, change and reward your personal efforts to achieve whatever success looks like for you.

For your well Being!

If you would like some guidance on your path to taking more conscious action in your life, I'd be happy to help. Feel free to email me at  And remember you can also follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support. And sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight delivered to your inbox each month.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jupiter in Leo ~ Two Sides of the Same Coin

Jupiter is now in Leo! We have all been looking forward to this shift in the hopes that lady luck will smile upon us and bring more love, abundance and joy into our lives! And this is certainly the highest manifestation of this wonderful transit. But I saw a great post this morning that said, "If we don't feel grateful with what we already have, what makes us think we will be happy with more?"  And I thought that was a powerful statement to be conscious of as we move into this big, bold, exciting energy that will ignite our desire to create more in our lives. And since Ego and Spirit are two sides of the same coin, I thought a healthy reminder of the duality of this transit might also be helpful.

Over the top!

All the great stuff you've read about Jupiter in Leo is true. It will bring opportunities, blessings, love and good-fortune for many people over the coming year. Yes! This transit ignites wonderful things! And I certainly don't want to be a Debbie Downer. However, I am in the business of Duality, so it's just as important to me to make you aware of how the shadow side of this can possibly manifest as well as the good it can bestow. There will be enough extra fire and drive to push things beyond our wildest dreams and also enough to push them right over the top. And with Saturn finishing out the year in Scorpio, Mars also bringing an intensity to our actions when it moves into Scorpio on July 25th, and Jupiter making aspect to both at times, there can be accidental causalities left in the wake of your blaze to the top if operating unconsciously. Here are just a few things to be aware of over the next year to ensure you make the most of this highly spirited energy.

  • Leo rules the Sun and the Sun is our Ego. So be mindful of yours and be conscious of the possibility of inflated ones operating around you.
  • Leo is the showman, entertainer and spotlight seeker by nature, and with this boost from Jupiter, now the drive and pull for center stage can be even stronger, and possibly without regard for the needs or feelings of others, even with the best of intentions. And in the spirit of dramatics, we will likely see plenty of extravagant drama created, even if it's just for show or fun. Think reality TV.
  • And with both Jupiter and Leo ruling good-times, adventure and larger-than-life living, there will likely be a strong tendency to go too far, over-indulge and over-spend.  
  • Jupiter rules beliefs and overall life philosophy, and once this has been established, a fight to stand by it can lead to unintended arguments, heated debates or even war. Jupiter/Sag. does not like to be wrong by nature, so adding the extra ego boost from Leo can pack a punch when provoked.

Sunny Side Up!

Our Sun sign also represents our Spirit and the true essence of our personality. And our lives are all about our personal journey toward finding fulfillment, understanding, acceptance, love and happiness in who we are. So with Jupiter, the planet of faith, philosophy, spiritual awakening and expansion moving through the ruler of the Sun, Leo, we will all feel the desire to broaden our horizons, do more of what brings us the most joy and express our true personalities in the world in a much bigger way. And when we lead from a true knowing of ourselves, with love and with a giving heart, wonderful  things can happen. So if we live with our sunny side up, this can be a time of great opportunity, growth and celebration of life.  Here are just a few of the positive manifestations that can come from an honest embrace of this highly spirited energy.

  • A letting go of Ego and showing Love through the support of all walks of life beyond even our own.
  • Expansion of faith, confidence, creative expression and spiritual practice.
  • Blessings and celebrations of true love, children and the joy that comes from being our authentic selves.
  • Personal growth, financial improvement and learning through travel, career opportunities and relationships.

It's likely that we will all experience both sides of this same coin over the course of the next year. And there can be value in both. It takes a well adjusted, strong Ego to power up and put ourselves out there for possible rejection as we travel the road toward success and fulfillment. We learn more from our failures than we do our successes anyway and it takes confidence to take risks to make things happen. So there is a substantial benefit from the Ego boost that Jupiter in Leo can bring, especially for those typically less able to step out of their comfort zone to achieve goals. I personally fall into this category, so I am actually hoping for a little healthy assistance in this area myself.

And if you witness yourself or someone else someone operating out of greed, selfish motivation or without regard for others, and you cannot find or reveal good reason to make a shift, then let them push too far and possibly fall over a cliff, because their real growth will begin when they land in a dark canyon.

We all have our unique road to hoe on our quest to blissful, spirited, true Self expression. Jupiter in Leo is an awesome energy to take advantage of in the next year to make some real progress on our individual journeys and as a global community. If we can operate from Spirit and consciously use the gift of this added strength, optimism and enthusiasm to seek the better life and world we all dream of, then we can all achieve great things without letting Ego take over!

To end on a high note, both of these energies are warm, fun, generous, optimistic, social, silly and super out-going. So this is the overwhelm of goodness we are all hopeful to receive, be a part of and create now. It will be infectious, fabulous and impossible to resist. There is no doubt this year will have a very welcomed, much lighter vibe. Jupiter is a twelve year cycle and spends about one year in each sign. So it's been 12 years since we have enjoyed Jupiter in Leo and will be twelve more after this until we do again. So Embrace it! Enjoy it! And share it!

For your well Being! 

I hope this insight can help you navigate this big Astro event and Beyond. And remember you can follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support.  And sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight in your inbox each month. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

True Nature of Unplugging

We're coming down the mountain from the beautiful Sierras after a peaceful, unplugged few days of camping and fishing. I'm looking at my phone and wait with great anticipation to see the 4G signal come on. Being out of touch for that short amount of time felt like a month and I realize how truly attached to the digital world and my device I am. However, after emailing my mom that we're safely on our way home, posting to FB and the world a slice of our trip, scrolling through my news feed a bit and deleting almost 200 junk emails, I'm looking out the back window at the majestic beauty and serene land of digital freedom and feeling silly. That took all of 5 minutes and yet I spend hours online every day. What have I learned?

Rewind three days: As the Sun was entering soulful Cancer I wanted to use this time as an opportunity to do a bit of a digital detox, as I knew I would already be 'out of range' for a few days anyway. It was stunningly beautiful and while sitting on these rocks, looking out at this view, hearing the water rushing, feeling the wind gusting through, the bugs buzzing around and feeling the powerful sun on my face all at the same time, I remembered that nature has its own brand of hustle and bustle. The difference here though, is the feeling of ease, peace and purpose with which it all happens. There is obviously the natural "survival of the fittest" element, but even in that there is a sense of calm because it's understood and respected that it's just a natural part of life.

So it changed my focus from emails, social media and worldly issues to the busy simplicity of nature. And by tuning into the rhythm around me and surrendering to this peaceful pace, it naturally made me feel lighter and able to understand things a little better.

Now I love my computer, my iPad, the internet and my cell phone! And after a few hours of watching my husband teach my son Joseph how to fish, enjoying one of his favorite past times and soaking up the fresh, clean mountain environment, we return to the campsite and we see the fully loaded RV's across the way with their TV's on. I instantly think, damn, I'm missing the Bachelorette! I know, it's sad! But it's true. And even my hubby was like, "it would be nice to chill and watch a movie right now". It's just the reality of life for us. And because the world has advanced and these fine folks running campgrounds want to still attract visitors, they have set up satellite dishes all over so you don't have to fully unplug to still enjoy the great outdoors.

But then after we play a little ball with our son, cook up an awesome tri-tip with potatoes and fresh zucchini from grandpa's back yard, crack a cold beer and then settle in by a fire for smores, I appreciate this time and feel the value of stepping away from all the things that keep us disconnected from each other, nature and ourselves. We have great conversation, tell silly stories with a flashlight under our chins, watch the millions of stars come out, that we never get to see in the city, and again I realize how small we are compared to the entire Milky Way. And yet, it was still fun to be able to use the Google Star Gazer App on my phone to see where the planets where and which constellations we were seeing.
So the reality is that we do live in a digital age and that can't be denied or escaped from entirely without conscious effort. And that's okay. But that just means we have to make unplugging on a regular or at least occasional basis more of a priority to stay connected with ourselves and what's truly most important. And even though I felt like I was off the grind for a really long time, and it was a helpful withdrawal from everything, I still could have sat there staring out at the beautiful mountain lake view for an actual month for me to entirely empty my mind and really connect with my inner source/voice/spirit.

Nevertheless, it was a great reminder that when I do step away and unplug nothing horrible happens. I don't miss out on anything and the world keeps on turning with or without me engaged in it. So you get a little taste of mortality when you unplug, which I think is healthy too. And even though I was with my core family, there is a sobering reminder of the truth, "you can't take it with you", and I should appreciate every day and even each mundane moment as priceless.

When we get so attached to the colorful screens and illusion of life we miss out on the real beauty all around us and perhaps miss out on discovering our real purpose for being here in the first place. 

I understand the benefit of unplugging for myself to witness the beauty around me, both in nature and in my family. But I realize it's even more important to do it for Joseph. My son is only going to be three once and he will only catch his first fish once. And as a parent now in our world, I think it is even more important to teach kids how to unplug, get outside more and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Astrologically, water/Cancer energy is a great support for doing this kind of self nurturing and tapping into our true needs. If there was a ton of air/mental energy in the heavens it may have been even more of a challenge to separate, quiet my mind and hear this sweet reminder. 

So this, to me, is yet another benefit of being aware of the current Astrological weather. It allows us to utilize it to our advantage so it can truly support our course. The planets, stars and heavens above are also part of this reflective nature that is here to help us recognize who we truly are and what an amazing opportunity this life is for each of us. 

I hope sharing my story will inspire you to consider making a conscious effort to unplug from the world more often, so you can plug in to the beauty of the world around you every day as well as your own natural beauty within. And if you dig Astrology as much as I do, you can also look to it as a guide for understanding your own personal nature so you can understand everything else a little better. For your well Being! #FYWB

Please feel free to share how you're using the current self-nurturing Cancer energy to help you unplug and tap into your deeper personal nature by commenting below. I'd love to hear what works for you so maybe it can also inspire others as well. And remember you can follow me on facebook and twitter for more daily support. Sign up for my Newsletter for even more detailed insight in your inbox each month. Thanks so much! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Nurturing your Inner & Outer Moon Child

Although Aries is technically the first sign of the Zodiac, Cancer rules home and birth, so therefore can be conceived as the true beginning. Cancer and the Moon are about comfort, safety and the instinctual way we deal with life. It reveals what we naturally do to survive and how we handle the world of emotion.  The Moon also represents Mother and our Moon sign can tell us a lot about our own mothers as much as it can about how we will mother our children. So whether you are a mother yourself or not, nurturing your inner child is paramount in cultivating confidence and emotional stability in your own life. And if you are a parent then, in my opinion, understanding your child from this perspective is priceless for teaching them self-love. 

Dr. Shefali speaks directly to this concept, of growing yourself up first, in her book, The Conscious Parent. We must become conscious ourselves before we can even hope to give our children a chance at any kind of conscious living in their own lives. After 3 1/2 years of motherhood I'm now convinced that parenting is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding, and transforming jobs in the world. And I have already done a lot of personal work of my own. But this work never ends! Every new day brings a new trigger, or an old one I just can not seem to lick. I love my son more than life itself, but some days I grit my teeth and lose all vision of any conscious parenting. Nevertheless, I believe it's all an on-going process and I am a conscientious student of life. So I can't help myself when it comes to learning and teaching how to 'do better'. And to me Astrology provides valuable tools to support both my personal growth process as well as my ability to parent more effectively.

The journey inward is very deep, personal and can be quite complex with all the influences from family, upbringing, heritage and tradition. But looking at the Moon in each sign of the Zodiac, here are some quick key insights and tips for helping you tap into and nurture both your inner child and outer child.

Aries Moon-
You- You are emotionally aggressive, impulsive and change your feelings quickly. You need a physical outlet and independence to deal with your feelings. Nurturing yourself first in this way is what makes you feel safe and confident.
Child- Your child's emotions will run hot and cold as they learn about their own changing feelings and how to create their own independence. They need to be free to lead to feel confident in the world.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept the pace of their emotional life and find active outlets for working through them, everyone can quickly move past any hurt feelings, while taking the appropriate space to heal with confidence.

Taurus Moon-
You- You are emotionally loving, stable and affectionate, yet you attach your feelings to your relationships, material comforts and possessions as tangible proof of your value. Tokens of love and appreciation are what make you feel loved, safe and confident.
Child- Your child's emotions will be discovered through their senses and they will feel safest when provided for, held tightly in your arms and shown affection. And they will need to have their own special things to feel safe. 
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept their need for affection and possessions while also understanding that true worth and connection is created from within, everyone can detach enough to fully enjoy the luxuries of life with confidence.    

Gemini Moon-
You- You are emotionally curious and restless, needing to keep things chatty, light and exciting to avoid having to actually deal with feelings. Handling sensitive issues through intelligent conversation over crying and drama is what makes you feel safe and confidence.
Child- Your child's emotional approach is curious and scattered as they learn about their feelings through conversation and play. Being able to mentally explore them in a fun way, will help to build confidence about their own sensitivity.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept their intellectual approach to emotions and find fun outlets to express their affections, then everyone can feel more focused and in touch, without being mushy, and communicate their feelings with love and confidence.

Cancer Moon-
You- Your are emotionally self-protective, sympathetic and very intuitive, especially about the needs of others. You need to feel needed and loved so deeply that nurturing and caring for others they way you wish to be is what makes you feel safe and confident.
Child- Your child's emotional approach will be sensitive, loving and sweet, and they will take on the feelings of the environment and others around them as a way to learn about emotions. And they will hide their own feelings until they feel safe enough to share them.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept their extra sensitivity as the powerful intuitive gift that it is, everyone can nurture and give equal love and care to self and others with confidence.   

Leo Moon-
You- You are emotionally warm, generous and self-confident while both showing and needing to be shown love and affection. Giving what you already feel to be great and true about yourself is what makes you feel loved and even more confident.
Child- Your child's emotions will be dramatic and they will love to find creative ways to show you why you should love them as they learn about their natural self-confidence.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept that they don't have to try so hard to be loved, then everyone can enjoy the need to play and show off with authentic confidence.  

Virgo Moon-
You- You are emotionally shy, critical and insecure so sharing your time, skills and services is what makes you feel smart, worthy of love and confident.
Child- Your child's emotions will be shy and temperamental as they discover how they can rationally understand feelings and build confidence. Routine and being helpful to others is  how they show love and feel safe.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept that it's okay, even beneficial, to have feelings and that they are as valid as what they can do for others, then everyone can find tangible ways to provide and experience love and confidence.

Libra Moon-
You- You are emotionally charming, pleasing and ebb and flow with the shifting events of life. You are easy going out of a need for approval to feel loved and confident.
Child- Your child's emotions are steady and balanced as they politely learn what they need to do to feel like they belong. Keeping peace and harmony is what makes them feel loved and safe.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept the inner desire to always make nice, while still honoring what they like for themselves, by saying no on occasion, then everyone can equally share themselves and good times with confidence.

Scorpio Moon-
You- You are emotionally intense, intolerant and resourceful in order to protect yourself from being hurt, and will feel the need to dominate others or situations to feel safe and confident.
Child- Your child's emotions will be extremely dramatic as they struggle to understand their deep sensitivity. They must have some level of control over things and people to feel safe.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept the deep undercurrent of emotions that run through them in a rational, forgiving way, then everyone can live emotionally in control of themselves and feel less of a need to dominate to feel confident.

Sagittarius Moon-
You- You are emotionally warm, idealistic, generous and driven by a desire to teach others what you feel so strongly to be helpful for you. Seeking and then sharing your deep personal truth is what makes you feel safe and confident.
Child- Your child's emotions are resilient and upbeat as they learn about feelings through physical adventures and trial and error. They feel like they need to always be cheerful and on the go to feel safe.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept that having sad feelings sometimes is just part of the emotional journey and life doesn't have to be one happy moment after the next, then everyone can avoid burning the candle at both ends and share themselves fully, lovingly and with fearless confidence.

Capricorn Moon-
You-You are emotionally reserved, considerate and practical, feeling no need to get worked up over sensitive situations. You feel best when leading at work and being in charge. You feel you need to take a practical, dignified approach to build your power, recognition and confidence.
Child- Your child's emotions are quiet, shy and stable as they cautiously learn about their already serious grownup feelings. They need to slowly warm up to things before opening up to feel safe.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept that they are more emotional than what's revealed to the world, and show admiration for the rare affection they do give, then everyone will feel safer to open up, lighten up and share their vulnerability with confidence.

Aquarius Moon-
You- You are emotionally cool, idealistic and unpredictable and take a mental approach to emotions. You seek unique was to experience feelings because the intellectual understanding of things is what makes you feel confident.
Child- Your child's emotions are light, fun and detached as they learn through friends and groups about feelings. Having freedom and independence to help others is how they feel safe.
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept that sharing their own feelings is as worthwhile a cause as helping others, then everyone can receive the love of one-to-one connections while still marching to their own beat with confidence.

Pisces Moon-
You- You are emotionally sympathetic, gentle and very sensitive to your own and the entire the human experience. Creatively visualizing a beautiful world, romanticizing life and escaping reality is what makes you feel safe and confident.
Child- Your child's emotions are sweetly naive, forgiving and optimistic as they learn how affected they are by their surroundings and others. They will live in their creative imagination, while staying very close to those that provide the most love and security, until they feel confident enough to engage the real world.   
Tip- If you can learn and teach your child to accept their deep sensitivity as the powerful intuitive guide that it is for them, while finding outlets to release what isn't theirs to deal with, then everyone can create healthy emotional boundaries and safely dream with confidence.

I truly believe communication is key to any solid relationship. So I hope by understanding this placement for yourself and your children, you can feel safer to share yourself more authentically and confidently as well as teach your children to do the same. This can naturally enrich all of our connections and most importantly the one with our Self. If you would like a full look into your or your child's Moon sign and beyond, please contact me at

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What I know NOW about LOVE & Marriage!

It's that time again! My husband Dan (a Cancer) and I (an Aquarius) will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary this Sunday, June 22. I wrote last year about how Astrology assists us in our marriage everyday to navigate life more effectively. If you missed it or would like to recap, please feel free to read last year's post [here]. I went back and read it too and I have to say, I do feel the exact same way about the benefits Astrology brings to our union.

However, because life is a journey and not a destination, and the planets are always moving, I have naturally learned even more about love and marriage over the last year. Astrologically, among many other things obviously, we are both being hit with some powerful transits of change and transformation. My husband is going through a Pluto square transit, which is bringing in career/work issues that are challenging him to transform his own value system. And I have been suffering the challenge of Uranus transiting over my natal Chiron. You can also recap with my Cardinal Cross Confession to get more of a taste of my personal struggle. But in a nutshell, we both have been moving through some personal transformation over the last year. And it's all been individual stuff, not necessarily issues with each other. But that's kind of my point here. Ultimately, it all comes back to YOU! Our partnerships in life are there to support and challenge our personal growth, while validating and encouraging us on our path. And yes we can certainly lean on them, but we can't allow them to become a crutch. And while undergoing my own inner struggles this year and also being there to help my life partner navigate his personal struggles, I've come to a new and profound realization.

When I met and married Daniel and then we built a life, home and family together, I truly felt that I had struck a life lottery because I honestly could never imagine this kind of life for myself. I was and am eternally grateful. And I live in gratitude and service to my life every day, as I'm sure many of us do. But you see, as I reflect, I realize now that, when I found and created the life I have, it came from me first living in a place of complete comfort with who I was at the time and in LOVE with that place. Whatever happened or didn't happen, I knew somehow I would be fine, more than fine actually. I was living with more trust in the divine plan that God and the universe has for me. I wasn't pushing. 

But now that I have SO much more than I thought possible, I often feel it's ego to desire anything more for myself and yet I am pushing for it all the time. I'm not trusting as much. And this is nothing that my husband puts on me, I do this all to myself. Somehow, in my efforts to adjust to my new reality of wife, mother and struggling, yet passionate, Astrologer, I have fallen back into a fear that nothing else 'great' will ever happen to me. That perhaps this is my crowning achievement. And yet, as soon as I write that I am mad at myself because I know in my heart that is bullshit and that's not how the universe works. And even if all I did do was continue to build a solid marriage and raise a powerful, purposeful child while enjoying all that comes from that, so what?! Would that be so bad? NO! It wouldn't! And yet, as my realization unfolds more, I see that the real anger is because I'm mad at my own lack of trust in something that has always proven its support for me in the past. This is my personal struggle and my struggle alone, and one that my husband honors with respect and love and more importantly without judgment every day. And this is one of the main reasons I love him so very much!

And for Dan, may Cancer man, he was raised to be the provider. And before he met me and became the provider for our family, he worked hard and had and did everything he wanted no matter the cost. So although he now has "everything he's ever wanted" with me and Joe, and that consumes most of his resources, he struggles to find new ways to give to himself. And I often feel bad about that, so I never deny him any personal pleasure he seeks. And now that the love for his job has waned with all the changes, I feel even worse. He knows it's time for a change and the energies are pushing him toward it, but I don't want to add undue pressure, so I instead try to just support and encourage as he figures it out for himself. I know how he's built, through Astrology and simply as a man, so I never tell him what to do anyway. I let him choose for himself because then he always makes an honest, responsible decision all on his own and in his own time. In the meantime, he has his outlets and loves, and I have mind, that we retreat to while processing our own personal journey 'stuff'. 

I can't speak for him, but for me, the on-going Self-discovery process has led me to the place where I realize I am currently struggling to truly trust the universe and practice what I preach. I am a very mental/air person and my mind is constantly analyzing, processing and integrating new information. That's what I do. That's how I evolve. But this can also be my worst enemy as much as my greatest asset. The mind is a terrible thing to waste but only if you don't allow it to limit or destroy you. My husband knows this about me and warns me all the time that I am over-thinking things and I need to just let go and be. And he is right! This is another reason he is in my life and I need him to be. And since he is more of a feeler and a typical man who just pushes down and forward in life, I remind him of the value of talking things out to process his feelings and help him make necessary changes. We often see others clearer than we see ourselves and I believe this is one of the biggest benefits of a marriage and our closes relationships. They are there to influence and guide us. They are the Angels that God and the universe place in our lives to teach us. Daniel and I are partners in life and we deeply love each other, but we are very different people. And we truly love, respect and honor our differences, giving each other the space to do our own growth work. That, to me, is one of the main reasons why our marriage thrives. 

So as we both have been dealing with finding balance between our desire to serve our life together and desire for more personal achievements, I am coming to a new place of love and surrender and encouraging him to do the same. Allowing ourselves to enjoy and fully feel at home and in LOVE with where and who we are NOW, as well as being okay with whatever happens or doesn't happen from here, is what will make space for life to really unfold for us individually and as a couple. We know this 'intellectually', for sure, even if the' doing' of it is hard sometimes.

In honor of my true love, my marriage and my very blessed life, I wanted to share my experience and perspective on how Astrology continues to support my personal evolution and my marriage. Daniel and my son Joseph are my heart and my home and I know that the love I receive from them is the example of the very same love I should always be striving to give myself.

My affirmation for this next year and beyond is: I am grateful. I am blessed. I am loved. And I have all that I will ever need on the inside and on the outside. Thank you! I love you!

Thanks for taking the time to read my personal story on Living Astrology from the inside out! I hope it can support and inspire you in some way to find more LOVE in the NOW of your own marriage, relationships and lives. 


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Taurus True Value Test

"You can never lose, when you are being true to You!"

With the ground literally and figuratively shaking under our feet over last month and beyond, it's natural now that we would be having to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and attempt to learn from what we've just experienced so we can begin again to build our BEST LIFE

The month of Taurus is the perfect time to start an evaluation process to help us get there because Taurus rules our self-esteem, finances, value systems and the special skills and talents we possess in order to manifest tangible success in the world. So now is a great time to take a good look at how we handle our money, rate our work, judge ourselves and care for ourselves.

Take the Taurus True Value Test to assess where you can grow your self-worth and in turn increase your net worth. Abundance manifests from the inside out, so answer these key questions honestly for yourself and start integrating the lessons you've learn into the creation a fuller, more successful life. 
  • What do I truly value most in life?
  • What do I wish to create of lasting value in my life?
  • Am I doing work that I love?
  • Do I feel worthy of having all that I desire most?
  • Am I undervaluing my skills and talents?
  • Am I working hard enough to build the life I desire?
  • Are my relationships supporting what I am trying to build or create in my life?
  • Am I handling my finances responsibly?
  • Am I equating my worth with how much money I make?
  • Am I holding on to 'things' that don't truly make me happy?
Taurus is slow-moving and can appreciate the hard-work and time it often takes for things to grow. However, we live in a fast-paced world and most of us are extremely impatient. We can all benefit from taking on the slow, steady, sustainable approach that our solid Bull friends do. So take personal note, answer some tough questions and start laying the foundation for your BEST LIFE.  

For your well Being!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Cardinal Cross Confession

As I do my best to help and work with clients, family and friends on how the current Astrological weather is manifesting for them, I am naturally also dealing with this Cardinal Cross energy in my own chart and it's pulling focus into all four major corners of my life. From my personal drive & identity, relationships & marriage, home & family, to work direction & career purpose; it all seems to be in transition to various degrees. Astrologers may be on the tip of what is happening in the skies, but we are certainly not immune from experiencing it.  

{For Astrology knowledge buffs who want the details} Specifically, it's on my Cancer/Capricorn Ascendant/Descendant axis, which is 1st house of identity and opposite 7th house of relationships. Libra is intercepted in my 4th house of home/family opposite Aries intercepted in my 10th of career/life purpose. This is how the Grand Cross lands for me, not to mention some other aspects this fun configuration is making to my chart. It's quite a doozy of a transit for everyone, and I am simply no exception.

I am doing my best to work with it very consciously, however, I have my extreme moments of deep struggle too.  The way that this manifests for me is a continual vacillation and balancing between feeling I am confidently and constructively handling the daily challenges to grow, change, evolve and succeed and then feeling completely frustrated, confused and overwhelmed. It literally can change in an instant. I also find that the position and sign the moon is in can influence the days profoundly. 

Another part of my continuing vacillation is going back and forth in discovering what is truly my issue and what is coming from or being influenced by another? What is my crap and what is theirs essentially. I feel I am being forced to redefine my line between partner/friend/family and client/colleague/career. This line has perhaps become blurred for me, so I must consciously remember who is who and how I behave with each. If you are a counselor, healer or light worker of any kind I'm sure you go through this as well. When your desire to help is so strong and the knowing that we are each on our own journey and you simply cannot help everyone is also understood, you feel helpless and stuck sometimes. And as an Astrologer, it really sucks when even with the knowledge of what's happening in your own chart, you're so close to it, you don't know how to help yourself! This is when you call on another Astrologer for some objective insight.

And speaking of stuck, I had a new thought about this Cardinal Cross last night. With four squares or  90 degree right angles, it creates a box right? Anyone feeling a bit boxed in or stuck at a complete impasse? I do. And cardinal energy is about action and movement, so this in NOT comfortable at all. I know I have already been feeling quite unsettled, so who knows how the peak and waning of this Astrological event will feel. 

I think the biggest challenge for all of us is the uncertainly and fears that come with trying to grow and change while having faith in ourselves and the journey without always, if ever, getting any confirmation, in the way we might want, to support that we're even on the right path. 

My friend text me one day and asked what was going on because she was ready to blow up and when I reminder her and told her to hang in there, she was less than helped by my advice. Her response was exactly, "whatever"...because she's been hearing it from me for so long.

And we have all been dealing with the intensity of recent powerful Astrological energies for so long it felt like a very appropriate response. So when I said, "then why did you ask?" and she said "I don't know", I replied with this; "it's because you know and believe that there are things always working around us that cannot be seen or often fully understood in the moment, but only felt...for better or for worse. Glass half empty or glass half full, you choose." And even after that I got, "blah, blah, blah.." 

I had to laugh because I myself was having a day when I felt like I could also explode and I was talking myself through each negative thought that came in and trying to redirect it more clearly to avoid unnecessary conflict in my own world.

So I get it! Awareness may be key in living consciously and instrumental in moving through life at a higher vibration to creating more confidence, joy, success and love....but it is NOT easy, continuous or even fun. And we often fail. And how could we not, we are after all human. And I have certainly failed more times than I have succeeded at anything in my life. But that's okay, because I have always learned something from it and that is always my ultimate goal. So I realize staying 'conscious, aware and awake' takes commitment, dedication and continuous effort. Huh? Oh, wait a minute, doesn't that sound like the ingredients you would need to make any good life or personal dream a reality? Something to think about.

But even with the knowing of how difficult any conscious approach can be and my own experiences of pain and challenge, I still can't shake my desire to do it.

Whether it's Astrology, Angels, God, Tarot, Spirit Guides or whatever other mystical means of support I choose, I see them all as priceless tools for assistance in everything; from getting through the daily grind, to understanding my own triggers, connecting with my own power and creating a life of love and abundance. But more importantly, I think it reminds me continuously just how small and insignificant I am while at the same time reminding me that I am a part of something much bigger than this life I am currently living. So I do my best to trust in the divine design of what's beyond my own vision, reality, awareness or full understanding and work to contribute positively and live up to my highest potential in this life. That means also honoring the moments when I am struggling to find the answers and am full of doubt. Nevertheless, because I have also gained priceless understanding and experienced as many blessings as I have troubles, my faith in the Beyond continues.  

Whatever we all choose to do to get through this life, the bottom line is you DO have a choice what tools you use or to choose to use any at all. And with all the different schools of thought, religious or spiritual beliefs, mystical mantras and other philosophies and occult wisdom's out there to choose from to support your journey, they all have one thing in common. Believing with-OUT seeing or knowing for sure and inspiring us to find what we need with-IN. Yes, this is the trick right? This is the Duality!

So as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse wanes and the Cardinal Cross pushes in, as much as I feel the pressure building, I actually still feel pretty good. I see the challenges in my life clearly and I realize I am the only one holding myself back. I have been asking the 'big questions' for quite a few years now and I must remind myself that once you embark on this path of asking, you can never really stop. And it takes commitment and endurance to always want to discover and achieve more.

This Cardinal Cross is a cross to bear, but it is also simply another powerful opportunity for us to grow collectively and individually. I hope we can all rise to the occasion! 

For you well Being!

If you'd care to share your stories about how the current Astrological weather is affecting you, I'd love to hear. However, if not, I understand that this is also a very personal journey for each of us and I wish you the very best in your journey.

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Thanks for reading and letting me share.