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Embracing Our Aquarius Nature!

We are in Aquarius season now! I'm an Aquarius Sun and I am about to turn 46. I have been studying Astrology and doing readings for people for more than a decade now. And when I explain to clients about their Sun sign, I describe it as the overall essence of the personality, but is really more about who we are "becoming" in this life. 
The Natal chart shows us the map or terrain we must travel and navigate throughout life to reach wholeness in life and complete integration with our Sun. It will reveal our emotional approach to life, what we most need and want and why, what we are afraid of an why, what we do or don't do to grow and why, and all the gifts, good qualities and challenging experiences we will have to face, use, work with and learn from to reach our Sun.
So in essence life is a journey of discovering who we uniquely are (Aquarius) and the Sun sign can reveal the "spotlight" we must step into to become who we are truly meant to be and to feel ulti…

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