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Virgo/Libra - Embodying Balance

The Sun and the personal planets making their way through the service sign of Virgo this past month naturally put the focus on our health, daily routines, practical approach to work and duties, as well as, our spiritual practices for personal growth. And with Mercury as the ruling planet it also inspired questions of how, where and who are we serving and is there a built in balance.
So for many, September has really been a slow yet soulful month of working to connect to our bodies and daily lives in a more mindful, healing, helpful and purposeful way.
I personally have been taking actions to prioritize my day to ensure there is a healthy balance between my inner service and my outer service. I am also making a conscious effort to shift my attitude and perspective to discover more enchantment and joy in doing that which I must do each day.
Through my Soul work I have been also working on embodiment and specifically the embodiment of the planets as they rule each day of the week, their t…

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