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Undercurrents of Summer

I’ve been to the beach a few times this summer. And although the sun is shining, there is a beautiful ocean breeze and there are tons of kids playing in the surf, there is also a serious undercurrent that can be seen and felt as well. The waves have been big and the undertow has been powerful.
And these conditions in nature are a reflection of the unseen, yet very much felt, energies of our current astrological weather as well.

There has certainly been fun and plenty of festivities to enjoy these last couple of months, and at the same time there have been moments of significant emotion, loss, confusion, pain, fear, fighting and frustration.
Some of this energy has crashed into people's lives forcing major change and some of it has rushed beneath the surface more subtly pushing us to learn, grow and transform.

Either way, and whether we believe it or not, it’s all just part of life and it’s all good. 
In this dualistic world in which we reside the reality is there must be fear and dange…

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