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Eclipse Recovery - Time for some R&R

August has been a BIG month to say the least! 
So many people talked about how there would be life before the eclipse and life after. Well, it may appear on the outside that not much has changed (yet), and I don't know about you, but EVERYTHING seems to have shifted on the inside for me, and so many others I know and have spoken to. I'm still integrating it all but I'm super excited about the future because of all I am discovering.  
All the pictures of this stellar celestial event are so captivating too. They really are reminders of the magnificence and beauty of our Universe.
So when I say it's time for some R&R, I know that the first thing that comes to mind is Rest and Relaxation. And that is definitely #1 on the list. 
Getting extra rest, eating well, being gentle with yourself and taking time for yourself are all very important for post eclipse recovery. New Moon's in general can really take it out of you and eclipse energy, by nature, is much more intense. I…

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