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Building Lasting Love

We are in Taurus season now and the focus shifts to the dedication to and slow build of love and what determines our version of true happiness, fulfillment and a good life. And because Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, this is primarily about relationships. And this is one of the major areas I believe Astrology can best serve us. I believe Astrology can improve relationships and marriages, possibly even save them. So as I looked at this months energies and transits, I recalled a lunch I had with an old friend who had been recently through a tough divorce. He  was feeling really low because he truly loved his wife and was blind-sided by her desire to leave the marriage. He told me he read a book his therapist had recommended called, “5 Love Languages, The Secret to Love that Lasts” by Gary Chapman . He immediately realized what caused the marriage to fail and said if he had read this book sooner it may have made a difference. My curiosity was naturally peaked! And I of course

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