How do I love Thee? Let me look at the chart!

Where do we look in a chart to find love? How we give it. How we receive it. How we nurture it, for ourselves and in relationship with another.

Before I dive really deep into synastry analysis, I like to look to two places first. The Moon and Venus.

The Moon is our emotions, how we express them and what our deepest Heart and Soul needs are to feel truly nurtured and love.

And Venus reveals what we desire from a relationship and the ‘things’ and ‘ways’ we show our love to others in a partnership.

Now it’s not that simple of course. The endless other variables in a Natal star map can reveal how easy or challenging it is to manifest the kind of love we ultimately seek. And then there is the element of how our star map aligns with the map of the one we love.

But I believe the basics is always the best place to start and the insight there can make for a powerful jumping off point. And knowing this for yourself and your partner can provide you priceless knowledge and tips on how to navigate together to maintain a growing and fulfilling union.

Let me give you a simplified example from my own life and marriage. My Moon is in the sign of Libra, which indicates I need (Moon) to be able to relate (Libra) with and feel understood by my partner, emotionally and verbally, in order to feel loved. And this allows me to create a loving balance and harmony in my partnership. My Venus is in Pisces, which indicates I have a desire (Venus) to connect on a spiritual (Pisces) level with my partner and to feel appreciated for the unconditional love I offer.

Meanwhile, my husband has a Moon in Capricorn and a Venus in Leo. So again simplified, he needs to feel like he’s getting and providing security in a relationship to feel loved. And he desires to be recognized and appreciated for his hard work and dedication to his partner as he takes great pride in what he offers.

Now combine these together to see how they might work together for better or worse. His Moon and my Venus do work in an easy partnership so we can appreciate what the other brings to the union for sure.

However our Venus' make a minor less complimentary aspect to one another where an adjustment must be made by both to secure a working partnership. His fiery Leo Venus can demand more of an active, physical connection than my watery Pisces Venus which enjoys a more sensitive, emotional connection. So how do we adjust?

Well first I can look to find where I have some fire that can spark some "action" in me. And there are many ways this can be done. I could first look to Mars which is the action planet and see what sign I have that in. Luckily I have Mars in his natural sign of Aries. Yes! Fire! So this one of the places my passions can be ignited to meet my partners needs and desires.

Now while my hubby's Venus is in Leo, his Mars is in Virgo, although supporting again in being of passionate service to a lover, not the most sensitive energy we're looking for. However, if we try another approach of looking at the ruler of Leo, we go to his Cancer Sun. Bingo! Water, sensitivity, emotional connection!

So with a little effort we can find where and how we can better nurture our relationship to ensure success and happiness.

In a candied nutshell, there is amazing benefit that can come through the understanding of our astrological synastry with a partner. And I can attest to the fact that the knowledge supports marriage in endless ways! My husband and I will celebrate our 10 year Wedding Anniversary this June and I have been utilizing Astrology knowledge to support our marriage from the beginning. You can read more about that in a previous post, "Marriage with the Stars".

And now of course, relationships, like each of us, and our charts, are complex and do not come without challenges and issues. Not to mention the fact that we are each on our own time line of personal growth and planetary cycle influences. I expand on this in another previous post, "What I Know Now About Love and Marriage", when both my husband and I were each going through some tough times in life that were also reveal in our Astrology.

I've share a very simple example of how we can look to the chart for compatibility insight and ideas, as well as a couple of throwbacks shares to how I've used Astrology to positively serve my marriage. I hope this will inspire others to consider this amazing resource for themselves.

But before and beyond astrology, one key element that is a MUST for mastering Love in relationship is two people willing and wanting to be in it!

So once you’ve found a true, committed partner and you wish to improve and deepen your connection, expand your understanding of one another and discover priceless insight to support your ever evolving journey together, Astrology can help!

And if you're single and looking still, getting a jump on your own approach to love will only accelerate your success once you meet a potential partner.

Here are a few first steps you can take and places to start gathering more info.

You can run free full Natal chart reports for you and your love here at Cafe Astrology! This is a wonderful resource site! You can also purchase a compatibility report for you and your love for a small fee here if you'd like.

And if you ever want to have a personal consultation I'm happy to serve as well. Email Me!

Happy Valentine's Day! And all the best on your journey to building more happiness and fulfillment in love and partnership.


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