Marriage with the Stars!

This Saturday my hubby and I celebrate four years of marriage. Of course no marriage is perfect, nor could it be, but I have to say I feel super blessed. Many might say we did three of the biggest, life changing, stress creating events within the first three years. We got married, bought a house and had a baby. Yep, pretty big stuff! I agree it seemed fast too. But I also felt the divine timing in it all and totally trusting in our choice to go for it. And I feel we have handled all of those big transforming events, as well as some life bumps and challenges along the way with great success. We are fortunate to be two people who don’t like to fight and I am happy to say I can still count on one hand how many we have had in the total seven years we’ve been together. But, I really can’t take all the credit. We’ve had help. Astrology has been a constant reminder, guiding tool and helpful force from the beginning. Silly you might think. How you might say? I will share and you can decide for yourself.
First let’s credit my husband for not being afraid to marry a lover and follower of the planets and stars to begin with. Many men might have run for the hills once they discovered my passion for the occult, and a couple did. But not my Dan! Now whether it was that his feelings for me ran deeper than his feelings about my odd interests or his personal intrigue got the best of him when I told him some things about himself that he didn’t think anyone could know that instantly created a foundation for him to be safely vulnerable with me, I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter. The fact is he stayed and he loved and accepted me for all of who I was/am and for that reason I wasn’t letting go either!     

Now, naturally I looked into our synastry when we got together, but honestly our connections weren’t all written in the stars. There was actually a lot of ‘star crossed-lovers’ and past life karma connection stuff that came to light as I looked deeper. However, this made sense because it validated how strongly we felt for each other even with all of our seemingly challenging Astrological aspects or differences. Also this was where the real discovery about knowing yourself first and belief in the divine timing of life came into play. All the previous heartbreaks, lessons, challenges and choices we made brought us together now for a reason. Speaking for myself, I know if we had met any sooner or had gotten together a moment before we did it probably would not have worked. I know the girl I once was and although she may have fallen head over heels in love with Dan at any age, she would not have had the emotional security to handle that love and navigate a successful relationship. That I know for sure. And I’m pretty sure Dan wouldn’t agree unless he thinks of our son Joe. When he thinks back on his life and all the different choices he could have made, he realizes that anything done differently would not have brought him Joe. And that we totally agree on.

So this all seems quite normal with or without Astrology you may be thinking. But don’t judge just yet. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of everyday life, marriage and Astrology’s role.

My first step in doing my best to set us up for success I elected the best days possible, given all the variables, for us to actually get the marriage license and the date to exchange vows. Then as our marriage and life together began I also began to use Astrology as a little side tool to assist at different moments. This helped and continues to prove valuable in many ways both big and small.

I think Dan became more open and trusting when we had small stuff happen like when we bought our washer and dryer set during a Mercury retrograde and had to exchange the dryer within the first month. Or when he would come home and as a joke maybe say, “What is happening in the stars right now because I am feeling like people are acting crazy and I have zero patience!” and I could support him beyond just listening and consoling. I could also provide the current transit energy and how it was directly affecting him. And what's even better is being able to warn him of upcoming tough challenges so that he can be aware and conscious as he moves through them. It works both ways too. If I’m going through some tougher moments and I know there is a transit adding tension for me, it allows me to step back, not react or take that out on Dan, and more importantly perhaps warn him that I may seem out of sorts for a bit, but I’m fine and it isn’t anything he needs to worry about.

And on some deeper levels knowing how differently we approach and react to certain areas or challenges in daily life is a constant reminder for us to not take each others’ words or actions as personally as we might otherwise sometimes. I can objectively understand where he’s coming from and know it’s not always about me. This understanding also takes the concept of ‘picking your battles’ to a conscious level that I think has been priceless for us. If Dan seems ‘off’ in some way or I am frustrated or angry I can look to the planetary energies of the moment. This can give me a more objective perspective to get an understanding about where I am coming from inside or what might be going on for him, before I confront Dan and cause unnecessary problems. I can instead wait and approach the issue from a place of love, respect and compassion when the time is right and more optimal for positive outcome. I can’t even put a number on the amount of times I have done this and how it has saved me from escalating things to a negative level they don’t need to go too. 

I think we can all agree that communication is the number one key to success in any relationship. And in my opinion, the tool of Astrology can only help. It has truly helped us be able to talk more openly, honestly, objectively and without either one getting hurt feelings. It helps us both grow independently and as a couple. I have seen it work and assist greatly in my own life and marriage and I highly recommend it as an added support to any partnership and beyond.

I am grateful that Dan as allowed me to experiment, in a sense, with our life using Astrology and it really makes me feel awesome when he agrees that it seems to be a helpful tool for us. How could I not feel blessed and so happy with that kind of partner to share my life with? Happy Anniversary babe! And thank you so much for being you and always letting me be me!

So can Astrology really assist in a marriage? My question is, how could it not?    


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